Dreadnaught (1981) — Blu-ray version

The legendary martial arts classic from the acclaimed action director YUEN WOO PING, Eureka Entertainment bring you DREADNAUGHT!

This iconic martial arts movie starring Yuen Biao, Bryan “Beardy” Leung and Yuen Shun-yee, is released on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK, from a brand-new 2K restoration as a part of the Eureka Classics range. Available from Monday, 25th April, 2022.

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A prime member of the legendary Seven Little Fortunes, Yuen Biao stars as “Mousy”. Yuen Biao got his first breaks in the film industry as a stuntman in productions such as “Fist of Fury”, “Enter the Dragon”, “Hapkido”, and doubling for Bruce Lee in “Game of Death”.

His “Big Brother” Sammo Hung promoted him to leading man status in the films “Knockabout” and the acclaimed “The Prodigal Son”. Biao frequently starred alongside his Peking Opera brothers, Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung in the movies “Project A”, “Wheels on Meals”, “Dragons Forever”, and the “Lucky Stars” trilogy.

He has also co-starred with his equally acrobatic Opera brother, Yuen Wah in “The Iceman Cometh” and “Eastern Condors”. Although he is semi-retired from being an action star these days, Yuen Biao continues to make the occasional appearance in Chinese television productions, and guest roles in films such as “Rob-B-Hood”, “The Legend is Born: Ip Man“, “Tai Chi Hero” and “The Bodyguard”.

Bryan “Beardy” Leung Kar Yan stars as “Leung Foon”. A regular star of 1970’s and 80’s kung fu films, Beardy is probably best known for his roles in “Knockabout“, “The Victim”, and “Legend of a Fighter“. He also appeared in Donnie Yen‘s “Ip Man 3“.

For the final time, Hong Kong movie legend Kwan Tak-hing reprises the role he had played over seventy times, the legendary “Wong Fei-hung“.

The prolific actor and director, Phillip Ko-Fei appears as “Master Tam”. A stuntman in Bruce Lee‘s “Enter the Dragon“, Ko-Fei appeared in movies such as “Secret Rivals 2“, “Legend of a Fighter“, “Heart of the Dragon“, “Tiger on the Beat” “Eastern Condors” and “Dragons Forever“. He sadly passed away on 30th, March 2017.

Action Director, actor and brother of Yuen Woo-ping, Yuen Shun-yi plays the psychotic “White Tiger”. Being a member of the famous Yuen Clan dictates that he has worked on some of the most significant martial arts films to have ever emerged from Hong Kong.

In addition to appearances in movies such as “Iron Monkey”, “Dance of the Drunk Mantis”, “The Scorpion King” and “Drunken Tai Chi“, he has assisted his famous brother Woo-ping, to forge the action in movies such as “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow“, “Drunken Master“, “Magnificent Butcher“, “Fist of Legend“, “Kung Fu Hustle“, “Fearless“, “Man of Tai Chi“, “Ip Man 3” and many, many more.

A product of the Shaw Brothers Acting School and one time protégé of martial arts expert, director and actor Lau Kar-leung, Lily Li Lai Lai stars as “Mousy’s sister”. She has appeared in many popular television serials and classic martial arts movies including “Come Drink With Me”, “The Wandering Swordsman”, “Executioners from Shaolin”, “The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter” and “The Young Master”.


A short-tempered, violent criminal named “White Tiger” is on the run from the police. He hides out by joining a Peking Opera troupe, killing anyone who angers him or who suspects his identity.

One person he unsuccessfully tries to kill several times is a cowardly laundry man named “Mousy” who manages to escape mostly by running and hiding. Wanting to better defend himself, Mousy trains under the legendary Master, Wong Fei-Hung.

When a very close friend of Mousy’s is killed by White Tiger, Mousy looks to overcome his cowardice so that he can seek revenge.

Dreadnaught Original HK Theatrical Trailer


There is no hanging around for the action in this movie as we get straight into a fight set in a teahouse. It’s a fairly straightforward fight, belying the more extravagant choreography to come.

Fighting Breaks Out from the Very Start!

There is a sequence of traditional lion dance scenes that sets up a northern versus southern lion battle. Clever use of slow motion filming accentuates the performers’ impressive skills. There is even a little drunken lion there!

Mousy Crosses Paths with White Tiger Clip

Kwan Tak Hing, although frequently doubled for some of the more extravagant moves due to his advancing years, still impresses with several scenes as his trademark character of Wong Fei Hung.

Yuen Biao’s Agility Impresses in the Classic Laundry Scene

Yuen Biao demonstrates his notable agility in the classic laundry scene. If you have never seen it, the sequence is still as entertaining to this day, and was referenced in the movie, “Batman Forever”.

You Dare to Offend Mr Chiu Clip

Following the more slapstick style of fighting, the film morphs into a kung fu slasher/serial killer film.

The Choreography becomes Progressively more Complex for an Epic Finale…

The choreography steps up accordingly, becoming much harder hitting. Where Leung Kar Yan and Kwan Tak Hing are grounded in their fighting style, Yuen Biao plays to his strengths with some high-kicking and acrobatics.

The epic finale is a thrilling showcase for all the lead performers’ screen fighting skills.


“Dreadnaught” is a unique, genre-bending film, combining elements of the familiar kung fu comedies of the late 1970’s/early 1980’s with the tropes of horror films in the vein of “Friday the 13th”!

Bizarrely, it somehow works, thanks to the excellent physical performances on display. Yuen Woo Ping once again demonstrates why he is such a master of presenting Chinese martial arts in the intricate fight scenes, whether they be for comic effect, or something more sinister. The action scenes arrive at regular intervals, packing out the brisk 90-minute runtime.

The Blu-ray presentation is bold and colourful, and features new audio commentaries by Asian film expert Frank Djeng, and also action cinema experts Mike Leeder and Arne Venema. There is also an interesting archival interview with actress Lily Li.

“Dreadnaught” is quite rightly a favourite for fans of the traditional, kung fu classics that Hong Kong produced at the end of 1970’s. It’s never looked better than it does here!


  • The final film in which Kwan Tak-hing portrayed folk hero, Wong Fei-hung.
  • The famous laundry scene was directly referenced in the 1995 Hollywood blockbuster, “Batman Forever”.
  • Grossed more than Sammo Hung’s films “Knockabout” (1979) and “Warriors Two” (1978) combined.
DREADNAUGHT (1981) Blu-ray version - KUNG FU KINGDOM

DREADNAUGHT (1981) Blu-ray version – KUNG FU KINGDOM

Film Rating: 8/10

DREADNAUGHT is out on Blu-ray from Monday, 25th April 2022, order your copy NOW from Eureka Video or Amazon!

What do you recall best about “Dreadnaught” from some 41 years back…? Which fight or action moment got you hollering out loud most? Which other old-school kung fu flicks would you like to see restored to full HD, Blu-ray glory? Let us know in the comments below; Like, share and join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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