The Miracle Fighters (1982) Blu-ray version

A martial arts fantasy classic from acclaimed action director YUEN WOO PING, Eureka Entertainment brings you THE MIRACLE FIGHTERS! This riotous comedic tale of taoist magic is presented on Blu-ray from a brand new 2K restoration as part of the Eureka Classics range.

The first print run of 2000 copies only will feature an O-card slipcase and collector’s booklet. “The Miracle Fighters” Blu-ray version is out NOW via Eureka Video and Amazon!



Bryan “Beardy” Leung Kar Yan stars as “Kei-moon / Old Man”. A regular star of 1970’s and 80’s kung fu films, Beardy is probably best known for his roles in “Knockabout“, “The Victim”, and “Legend of a Fighter“. He also appeared in Donnie Yen‘s “Ip Man 3“.

Director Yuen Woo-ping’s brother, Yuen Cheung-yan stars as “Tun-kap/ Old Woman”. Although an action director in his own right, he often makes cameo appearances and has acted in the “Charlie’s Angels” movies, “Fist of Legend”, “Kung Fu Hustle” and “Drunken Tai Chi” to name but a few.

Popular Shaw Brothers and TVB actor Eddy Ko Hung stars as “Kao Hsiung/ Ko Hung”. In a career stretching back to the 1960s, Ko has starred in films such as “The Invincible Iron Palm”, “The Thundering Mantis”, “The Bride With White Hair”, “The Postman Fights Back”, “Shaolin Drunkard”, “The Peacock King”, “Heroes Shed No Tears”, and many more.

He became popular with Chinese television audiences playing Master Huo Yuanjia in the 1995 TV version of “Fist of Fury”, that starred Donnie Yen as Chen Zhen. He will be familiar to worldwide film fans for his role as Grandpa Hong in “Lethal Weapon 4”, and his cameo as a potential buyer in Jackie Chan’s “Rumble in the Bronx”.

Action Director, actor and also a brother of Yuen Woo-ping, Yuen Shun-yi plays the evil “Sorcerer Bat/ Bat King”. Being a member of the famous Yuen Clan dictates that he has worked on some of the most significant martial arts films to have ever emerged from Hong Kong.

In addition to appearances in movies such as “Iron Monkey”, “Dance of the Drunk Mantis”, “The Scorpion King” and “Drunken Tai Chi“, he has assisted his famous brother Woo-ping, to forge the action in movies such as “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow“, “Drunken Master“, “Magnificent Butcher“, “Fist of Legend“, “Kung Fu Hustle“, “Fearless“, “Man of Tai Chi“, “Ip Man 3” and many, many more.

And still keeping it in the family, another brother, Yuen Yat-chor, stars as “Shu Gut”. As a member of the legendary Yuen clan of stunt performers and directors, he has appeared in films such as “Legend of a Fighter“, “The Postman Fights Back“, “Shaolin Drunkard”, “Drunken Tai Chi“, and “In the Line of Duty 4”.


THE MIRACLE FIGHTERS Original 1982 Trailer (with English subtitles)

During the Qing dynasty, marriage between Manchu and Han people is outlawed. When it is discovered that high-ranking official Kao Hsiung has taken a Han wife, the Emperor informs him that he will be forgiven – but only if he kills his beloved before the court.

When he refuses, Kao Hsiung is marked for death by the powerful Sorcerer Bat and forced to watch as his wife is slain before his eyes. Kao Hsiung flees, kidnapping the Crown Prince during his escape – but soon the prince is dead, and Kao Hsiung is forced to silently replace him with another young boy.

In adulthood, that innocent child – Shu Gut – finds himself relentlessly pursued by Sorcerer Bat, and turns to two quarrelling taoist priests in the hope of protecting himself with their magic.


A blistering opening scene sees a Peking Opera style weapons fight. Swords flash and clash, spears twirl and jab, as the fighters spin and somersault.

The tone of the film itself suddenly flips into something more supernatural, and ultimately, totally wacky, as Eddie Ko fights a ghost in a giant vase. He subsequently rescues a small child prince who was happily playing on a swing in the background!

THE MIRACLE FIGHTERS “There’s a fly in my ramen” Movie Clip

The wackiness continues but in a touching way, with the two priests paying respects to an animated poster image of the Yuen brother’s dad, the legendary Yuen Siu Tien.

Leung Kar Yan has a duel that is an entertaining mix of stunt falls, slapstick and magic tricks. Yuen Yat Chor gets to impress with a sword, as he takes on three opponents in another lightning fast battle.

THE MIRACLE FIGHTERS “Fireball” Movie Clip

When the Bat King turns up, the insanity of the choreography is cranked up. As Eddie Ko fights with his sword in a fairly grounded way, Yuen Shun Yi manoeuvres around the rafters like er, a bat!

The antics become even more cartoonish when the two rival sorcerers fight over Shu Gut with a huge Looney Tunes style axe.

Yuen Yat-chor has a cool training sequence, not unlike Woo Ping’s previous works, that includes some impressive use of gymnastic parallel bars.

Another inventive scene sees the sorcerer conjure up an extra arm and an extra leg to fight the Bat King.

The finale sees our hero compete with other mystical opponents to overcome three dastardly challenges before the ultimate face off with the Bat King.


Being an older film, there was no CGI available, but having seen the loose remake “The Thousand Faces of Dunjia“, it works in this movie’s favour. Practical water and fire effects are used inventively as well as in-shot tricks akin to a magician’s illusions.

The picture restoration is a fine looking job, with lots of bright and bold colour, and easy to register scenes that were filmed in low light.

Along with audio commentaries from Frank Djeng, and the double act of Arne Venema and Mike Leeder, those looking for an insight into the legend that is Yuen Woo Ping are spoiled for choice with the additional features.

There is a 2012 interview with the man himself, as well as an interview with assistant director Fish Fong and a brand new documentary in which filmmaker John Kreng discusses Yuen Woo Ping’s methods.

Although it shares some tropes with films such as “Encounter of the Spooky Kind” or “Mr Vampire“, “The Miracle Fighters” stands on it’s own as a pretty unique, batsh!t crazy movie, featuring classic Yuen Woo-ping martial arts action!


  • Yuen Woo Ping and Tsui Hark loosely remade “Miracle Fighters” as the 2017 fantasy blockbuster “The Thousand Faces of Dunjia”.
  • There were two follow ups to this, “Shaolin Drunkard” and “Taoism Drunkard”.
The Miracle Fighters (1982) Blu ray KUNG FU KINGDOM

The Miracle Fighters (1982) Blu ray KUNG FU KINGDOM

Film Rating: 7/10

“The Miracle Fighters” Blu-ray is available NOW via Eureka Video and Amazon!

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