Hopping Mad: The Mr Vampire Sequels (1986-89) – Blu-ray

A collection of hilarious kung fu, horror, comedy classics! Featuring a bevy of Hong Kong legends including Lam Ching-ying, Yuen Biao, Wu Ma, Richard Ng, Yuen Wah, and many more, this collection brings together four beloved films in definitive presentations in a very special edition.

Presented as part of the Eureka Classics range in their UK debuts on Blu-ray from stunning new restorations. Available from today, 22nd May 2023, the first print-run of 2000 copies will feature a Limited-Edition O-card Slipcase and Collector’s Booklet – so order your copy now from Eureka Video or Amazon!



Many of the actors appear throughout the series of films, sometimes playing similar characters, and occasionally in completely different roles.

King of the pack is martial arts actor and stuntman Lam Ching-ying, who plays various versions of a Taoist Ghostbuster in each movie. It was to become his definitive role, although he had made other notable appearances as a fan-wielding assassin in “Magnificent Butcher“, and as Wing Chun master, Leung Yee-tai in “Prodigal Son“, arguably one of his finest performances.

Comedy actor Billy Lau, best known for his cameos in films such as “Yes Madam“, “My Lucky Stars“, “The Inspector Wears Skirts” and “Miracles“, appears invariably as the spectacle- wearing comic relief.

Former model, Pauline Wong Siu-fung plays various undead roles in these films. She has appeared in Chow Yun Fat’s “Tragic Hero” and was ‘Witch Raga’ in “The Peacock King”. In 1985 she won the Hong Kong Film Academy’s Best Actress Award for her performance in “Love with the Perfect Stranger”.

Veteran character actor Wu Ma plays various supporting roles. Wu Ma made his screen debut in 1963, and with over 240 appearances to his name (plus 49 directorial credits within a fifty-year period), he was one of the most familiar faces in the history of Hong Kong Cinema. Martial arts fans will recognise him from films such as “The Prodigal Son“, “Encounters of the Spooky Kind“, “Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars” and “A Chinese Ghost Story“, to name just a tiny few.

A prime member of the legendary Seven Little Fortunes, Yuen Biao stars as “Yen” in Mr Vampire II. Yuen Biao got his first breaks in the film industry as a stuntman in productions such as “Fist of Fury”, “Enter the Dragon”, “Hapkido”, and doubling for Bruce Lee in “Game of the Death”. His “Big Brother” Sammo Hung promoted him to leading man status in the films “Knockabout” and the acclaimed “The Prodigal Son”.

Biao frequently starred alongside his Peking Opera brothers Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung in the movies “Project A”, “Wheels on Meals”, “Dragons Forever”, and the “Lucky Stars” trilogy. He has also co-starred with his equally acrobatic Opera brother Yuen Wah in “The Iceman Cometh” and “Eastern Condors”.

Although he is semi-retired from being an action star these days, Yuen Biao continues to make the occasional appearance in Chinese television productions, and guest roles in films such as “Rob-B-Hood”, “The Legend is Born: Ip Man“, “Tai Chi Hero” and “The Bodyguard”.

Rachel Lee Lai-Chun, sometimes known as Loletta Lee, stars in the fourth movie. In a long and varied career, Lee has featured in films such as “Dragon From Russia“, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World” and notoriously in Category III titles such as “Sex and Zen 2” and “Crazy Love”.

Action legend Yuen Wah acts and stunt doubles throughout the series. Yuen Wah famously doubled for Bruce Lee in “Enter the Dragon” and had significant roles as villains in “Eastern Condors”, “The Iceman Cometh”, “She Shoots Straight”, and “Police Story 3: Supercop“.

He became internationally known for his role as the “Landlord” in the box office smash “Kung Fu Hustle” and recently in Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Golden Rings”.
Prolific stuntman Chin Ka-lok appears in the fourth film as “Ka Lok”. The younger brother of the star of the first “Mr Vampire” movie, Chin Siu-Ho, he has featured in classics such as “Moon Warriors”, “The Avenging Fist”, and “The Scorpion King”.

Hong Kong actor, martial artist and star of the original “Mr Vampire”, Chin Siu-ho returns to the franchise for “Vampire vs Vampire”. Martial arts fans will know him from his notable roles in films such as “Tai Chi Master” and “Fist of Legend“.

Supporting actor from the first film Anthony Chan Yau takes the lead in the fourth film, effectively playing the role of the priest normally occupied by Lam Ching-ying. As well as acting, Chan was the drummer for the pop band The Wynners with Hong Kong stars Kenny Bee and Alan Tam.

Veteran star Richard Ng is best known for his comic roles in films such as “Millionaires Express“, “Wheels on Meals” and the “Lucky Stars” series of films. With a home in London he also made appearances in popular British TV shows such as “The Bill”, “Red Dwarf”, and the movie “Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life”. He sadly passed away in April 2023 at the age of 83.


After the huge success of Mr. Vampire, Hong Kong audiences were desperate for more vampire-hopping action and the films’ producers were more than happy to oblige. A steady stream of jiangshi content was produced over the following years.

In Mr Vampire II an archaeologist and his students unwittingly set free a family of hopping vampires who wreak havoc in 1980s Hong Kong.

MR VAMPIRE II Original 1986 Hong Kong Trailer

Mr Vampire III returns to a period setting and sees Lam Ching-ying’s Taoist priest battle an evil witch.

MR VAMPIRE III Original Hong Kong Trailer

In Mr Vampire IV two feuding neighbours, a Taoist priest and a Buddhist monk, must join forces when their village is overrun by vampires.

MR VAMPIRE IV Original Hong Kong Trailer

And finally in Vampire vs Vampire, Lam Ching-ying’s Taoist priest finds his jiangshi-fighting knowledge is of little help when he goes up against a European vampire.


Mr Vampire II

Set in modern times, the movie opens comically with a scene involving a literal trouser snake! As with other entries in the genre, it looks like a real live animal that meets its demise in graphic detail. Not for the squeamish!

Once our hapless heroes accidentally revive the hopping vampires, more familiar Hong Kong movie slapstick ensues, before a more dramatic and serious horror tone is adopted.

The introduction of Yuen Biao and Lam Ching Ying virtually guarantees that the quality of the action will be raised a notch or three, and this film is no different.


Mr Vampire III

For the third movie, director Ricky Lau returned to a traditional Qing dynasty setting and the more comical roots of the original movie. The late, great Richard Ng opens proceedings with an hilarious exorcism ritual that doesn’t quite go according to plan!

As with all good Hong Kong comedies the stunts and action are taken seriously. This is especially the case when our heroes fight a group of ruthless bandits in a forest. Even though there are supernatural and comedy elements, the sword fighting and acrobatics are easily equal to a more serious martial arts film.

What works especially well is letting the comic actors perform the slapstick whilst Lam Ching Ying gets on with busting out his exemplary martial arts action skills.

MR VAMPIRE III “What’s Going On?” Clip

Mr Vampire IV

The fourth movie, despite starring action maestro Chin Ka Lok, features the least action. It’s only really in the finale that we get to see that particular hard-hitting, acrobatic martial arts choreography that Hong Kong movies do so well.

Mr VAMPIRE IV “There is a “hopping” vampire in the coffin” Clip

Vampire vs Vampire

Lam Ching Ying directs and stars. Surprisingly, there isn’t much in the way of martial arts. The best of the action comes in the final conflict between Lam Ching Ying and the Dracula-like vampire, featuring some particularly impressive flips, falls and fire stunts.


Eureka has delivered another beautifully- presented collection of classics.

The restoration job on each film’s picture looks fantastic in high definition. An area in which Eureka are steadily improving is the brand new featurettes as part of the extras.

Mike Leeder and Arne Venema provide two fascinating featurettes. In one, a real Taoist priest explains the origins of the hopping Vampire and the basis for many of the rituals seen in the movies, while the other looks at the influence of the Mr Vampire series on pop culture.


The audio commentaries themselves are not only entertaining, but very informative in explaining the culture, superstitions, and local colloquialisms involved in some of the rituals and jokes.

HOPPING MAD (Eureka Classics) Unboxing Video

The movies themselves are fairly consistent in quality, veering between horror and comedy in the main, and some surprisingly touching emotional moments in “Mr Vampire II”.
The martial arts action is fairly limited compared to the first film, but there is no denying the quality of that classic, Hong Kong style of stunts when it is on screen.

If you’re a fan of the original “Mr Vampire”, or just enjoy crazy horror comedies, getting this box set is a no brainer!


  • The Chinese title of Mr Vampire II literally translates to “Vampire Family”.
  • Although Mr Vampire II was relatively successful at the Hong Kong box office, takings dipped by about HK$3m. Mr Vampire III saw the box office regain that shortfall
  • The Chinese title of Mr Vampire III literally translates to “Mr. Spiritual Fantasy”.
  • The Chinese title of Mr Vampire IV literally translates to “Uncle Vampire”.
  • Although the film was a considerable success at the Hong Kong box office, it was released in the same year as “Heart of the Dragon”, “My Lucky Stars” and “Police Story”, which all exceeded it’s takings.
  • Lam Ching-ying sadly died of cancer on 8th November 1997 aged just 44. His “Mr Vampire” priest robe, shoes and top-hat were buried with him, and his pall-bearers included Sammo Hung, Chin Kar Lok, Wu Ma, Chin Yuet Sun, Billy Chan Wui Ngai, and Chung Fat.
  • Juno Mak dedicated his 2013 film “Rigor Mortis” to the two deceased stars of the original “Mr Vampire”, Lam Ching Ying and Ricky Hui. It featured many cast members from the original films, including Chin Siu-ho, Anthony Chan, Richard Ng, Chung Fat, and Billy Lau.


Film Rating 7/10

“Hopping Mad: The Mr Vampire Sequels” (1986-89) – is OUT TODAY, 22nd May 2023 on Blu-ray – so order your copy now from Eureka Classics or Amazon!

Have you enjoyed Eureka’s collection of newly restored classics? Are the spooky Mr Vampire movies among your old school favourites? Which other movie classics would you like to see receive the same TLC? Let us know in the comments below; Like, share and join in the conversation on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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