Raging Fire: Arriving Stateside in 2021 via Well Go USA!

With the recent news of Donnie Yen boarding “John Wick: Chapter 4″ (where he’ll also be joined by the great Hiroyuki Sanada), action fans remain eager to see what he’s got in store with the upcoming action movie “Raging Fire”.

The movie is set to hit theaters in the East at the end of July, and it seems Western audiences won’t have to wait much longer. ICYMI, stateside distributor Well Go USA has acquired the North American rights to “Raging Fire”, and are set to release it domestically later this year!

Raging Fire: Theatrical Release this Fall

With Well Go being the premiere stateside distributor of Asian action movies, “Raging Fire” coming under their stewardship is hardly surprising, and they seem to be rolling out the red carpet for it.

The movie will reportedly receive a theatrical release this fall, before debuting as an exclusive on Well Go’s streaming service Hi-YAH! Check out the official statement from an announcement in Variety, quoting Doris Pfardrescher, president and chief executive of Well Go USA, below:

“We are thrilled to team up with Emperor, Tencent and Super Bullet Pictures to bring ‘Raging Fire’ to North American audiences…Martial arts and Asian action fans have been anxiously awaiting the next big Donnie Yen theatrical, and ‘Raging Fire’ is more than worth the wait.” 

A Landmark & Milestone for Action Movies

If the “Raging Fire” trailer gives you vibes of “Sha Po Lang” and “Flash Point”, that’s probably intentional. Donnie Yen himself has described it as a “landmark” and a “milestone” in social media posts. Obviously, those terms are pretty easily applicable to quite a lot of Donnie’s body of work over the years in everything from his MMA movies to the “Ip Man” series, and his enthusiasm about this title should only stoke the anticipation for it among audiences around the world.

Raging Fire releases via WellGoUSA this fall 2021

Raging Fire releases via WellGoUSA this fall 2021

Last Film from Late, Great Action Auteur, Benny Chan

The release of “Raging Fire” is also a bittersweet one, with the film being the last from director Benny Chan, who passed away last year from cancer. Chan’s previous action hits include “Jackie Chan’s Who Am I?”, “Rob-B-Hood”, “Invisible Target”, “Shaolin”, “Call of Heroes”, and many others.

Asian action fans around the world were left in mourning after news of Benny’s untimely passing last August. With Benny Chan‘s talents as an action filmmaker, we remain eager for the release of this action-packed thriller, not only as the next Donnie Yen vehicle, but just as much being the final film from one of the great auteurs of Hong Kong action cinema.

“Raging Fire” hits theaters in Hong Kong on July 30th. Stay tuned to KFK for more info on Well Go USA’s release as it arrives!

Are you excited for “Raging Fire”? Are you hoping it’s of the same caliber as “Sha Po Lang” and “Flash Point”? What are your favorite movies directed by the late, great Benny Chan, as well as those starring Donnie Yen? Let us know in the comments below; Like, share and join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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