Accident Man 2: Hitman’s Holiday Releases Oct. 14, Trailer Coming Soon!

The world knows and, depending on whether he has a contract on one’s head, loves Mike Fallon, aka the Accident Man. He’s a sardonic narrator of his life story, he’s an outstanding martial artist, and he knows how to make any unfortunate turns of events look like an accident.

All of these skills are, of course, necessary in Mike’s line of work as a professional assassin, and 2018’s Scott Adkins-led action comedy “Accident Man” showed Mike’s mastery of all three. Now, action and comedy fans alike can prep themselves for Mike’s next tale of darkly comedic assassination antics in the upcoming sequel, “Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday”, which is releasing this October 14th and has just released its first official poster, which you can see below!

Mike Fallon’s on Vacation in Malta?

As Scott reveals in the tweet linked above, the first trailer for “Hitman’s Holiday” is right around the corner, while the movie itself is expected to debut some time in October.

“Hitman’s Holiday” was mainly filmed in Malta, and between the location, the film’s subtitle, and the poster promising “A vacation to die for”, it seems Mike might be on a holiday from his day-to-day work in the assassin field.

Mike’s vacation might be cut short a little early, it seems, with “Hitman’s Holiday” said to involve Mike being hired to protect the son of a major crime kingpin. Along the way, he’ll face assassins at every corner, with Andy Long Nguyen, Beau Fowler, and Sarah Chang among them, while having to reconcile some past issues with a father-like figure from his early days.

Scott Adkins Talks about the Laughs & Action of “Hitman’s Holiday”

In a recent appearance on the Action For Everyone podcast discussing his appearance as Diran Nazarian in “Day Shift”, Scott also offered some details on “Hitman’s Holiday”.

Scott stated:

“Knowing what we went through and the money that we had and the time that we had to do it, I’m really proud of what we’ve ended up with, and I think it’s a lot better than the first one”.

IMAGE CREDIT ACCIDENT MAN 2 by Crike99 on DeviantArt

IMAGE CREDIT ACCIDENT MAN 2 by Crike99 on DeviantArt

He also describes the action of “Hitman’s Holiday” as “significantly better” while also expressing enthusiasm about its comedic side with incoming directors George and Harry Kirby, taking the reins from Jesse Johnson of the first “Accident Man”, and George Kirby similarly hailing from a stunt background, like Jesse.

Jackie Chan Protégé Andy Long Handled the Fights in “Hitman’s Holiday”

While some of Tim Man’s pre-viz fight choreography work was retained for “Hitman’s Holiday” (Tim being unable to fully return due to scheduling conflicts), the superb, martial arts action talent, Andy Long Nguyen is on hand to coordinate the martial arts of “Hitman’s Holiday”.

Having worked with Bollywood star Vidyut Jammwal on “Commando 3” and “Sanak” and being a member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team, Mr. Nguyen’s resume in coordinating action is one of the sort that precedes itself (Nguyen also portrays ‘Oyumi’ in “Hitman’s Holiday”).

Scott has previously spoken of Nguyen as having the potential to be the next Jackie Chan in an Instagram post while making “Hitman’s Holiday”, and the 80’s Jackie Chan influences unmistakably vibrant in Nguyen’s Bollywood work with Vidyut Jammwal. Of course, that is a very elongated way of saying “Hitman’s Holiday” is in great hands with Andy Long Nguyen and the Kirby brothers alongside Scott.

Could Mike Fallon Be Scott Adkins’ Next Big Character?

Scott’s portrayal of Boyka in the “Undisputed” movies (“Undisputed 5” reportedly having a script, per Scott himself) has become an iconic MMA anti-hero, while Casey Bowman of Isaac Florentine’s “Ninja” movies is also another of Scott’s hallmark characters, especially in “Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear”.

With Mike Fallon back in the game with “Hitman’s Holiday”, the equal measure of action and comedy in the “Accident Man” franchise makes it a standout both in Scott’s own body of work and modern action movies and comedies alike.

Could Mike Fallon continue his rise from his cult, comic book beginnings to be one of the titans of the DTV action movie landscape? Time will tell, but “Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday” could be a big step on that ladder, and all the world can do is step aside and let Mike do his thing! Until then, check out the glimpse of Scott doing some ADR (automated dialogue replacement) for “Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday” below for a tiny snippet of what’s in store!

“Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday” releases on October 14th, stay tuned for more info!

Are you looking forward to see what the action ensemble of “Hitman’s Holiday” holds in store? Are you excited to see what Andy Long Nguyen’s 1980’s Hong Kong-trademark style of action brings to the fights as a Jackie Chan protégé? Let us know in the comments below, join in the conversation / share this on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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