Warrior Island: Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Remember reality shows like “Survivor” or “Lost”? Ever wish there was another spin on their central idea with a commensurate degree of martial arts and martial arts champions on board? Well, “Warrior Island” has you covered!

Adapted from the indie comic book series of the same name, the “Warrior Island” media franchise was created by James B. Jefferson has evolved into a movie, which is set to make its premiere in New York City later this fall and will showcase the Warrior Island franchise’s “Tiki Code” ethos of “Follow the Code! Save Humanity”.

KFK are happy to share a collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the making of the film, which is penned by none other than legendary martial arts movie scribe Sheldon Lettich!

Warrior Island Features Stephen Hayes, Viking Samurai, and Silvio Simac

The “Warrior Island” movie is helmed by Mike Felkner, and such well-known names in the martial arts world as Silvio Simac, David Kurzhal (a.k.a. YouTuber Viking Samurai), and Ninjutsu authority Stephen K. Hayes, alongside numerous others.

While the new film is an exciting development as a “Survivor with martial arts” tale, it is not the first chapter in the Warrior Island franchise.

Warrior Island Looks to Expand its Message on Martial Arts Philosophy

“Warrior Island” has previously encompassed a TV series and comic books, and even has numerous real-life martial arts schools affiliated with the franchise.

The “Warrior Island” movie is the latest step in expanding the franchise and its larger message of its martial arts themes and philosophy into a wider mainstream audience.

Screenwriter Sheldon Lettich, Known for Bloodsport, Double Impact and Rambo III Shares BTS Pics with KFK

While info about all things “Warrior Island” can be found on the official Warrior Island website, the involvement of Sheldon as co-screenwriter with George Saunders (Sheldon having previously consulted on Warrior Island’s earlier TV movie) and the set photos shared with KFK should really excite martial arts aficionados.

Sheldon Lettich is well-known to action fans as screenwriter and director on such ‘80s, ‘90s, and early 2000s martial arts cult classics as “Bloodsport”, “Double Impact”, “Only the Strong”, and “The Order”, while he also co-wrote 1988’s “Rambo III” with Slyvester Stallone.

Sheldon’s Talent for Portraying Martial Arts on Film Makes Him the Ideal Candidate

With his deep understanding of how to powerfully portray martial arts on-screen, Sheldon Lettich is just the man for the job for a reality show-style martial arts flick like “Warrior Island”.

While news on its mainstream release plans have not been unveiled yet, those should hopefully follow after its November premiere. Until then, the behind-the-scenes photos provide a nice glimpse at what’s in store when “Warrior Island” finally arrives!

“Warrior Island” will premiere on November 11th at the AMC Empire 25 Movie Theater on Broadway, and will subsequently be released on PPVFlix.com.

Stay tuned for more info on “Warrior Island” as it arrives! Are you excited to see “Warrior Island”? What are some of your favorite Sheldon Lettich martial arts films? Let us know in the comments below; Like, share and join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram.

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