Martial Arts Essay Writing Guide for College Students

Sports are a major part of social life, and the sports that people participate in and enjoy watching say a lot about who people are. In the United States, American football reigns supreme, while in most of the world the other sport known as ‘football’, or ‘soccer’, is the most popular.

In places like Japan and Cuba, baseball is one of the top sports, but everywhere you’ll find that the sport individuals like best varies widely by personal preference, culture, and even geography.

One of the fastest growing sports is mixed martial arts, whose practitioners combine a range of martial arts techniques in a display of athletic prowess. However, while martial arts of all kinds are a rapidly growing industry, not every student knows how best way to write, for example an essay about martial arts or mixed martial arts if they decided to for their course.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some effective techniques for writing an MMA or martial arts essay.

The Martial Arts: History and Classification

Martial arts have a long and storied history, which make them an important and effective subject for college essays since there is so much to write about.

As the name implies, the martial arts are related to combat and warfare and originated as a system of fighting techniques for battle. Different cultures have different martial arts traditions, and each of these traditions has specific sets of rules and codes to govern the proper approach to interpersonal combat in that tradition.

Some of the most famous styles include kung fu, jujitsu, and karate. However, sports like boxing also originated as a martial art and can be classified among the martial arts today.

Mixed martial arts, (MMA) as the name implies, combine elements of many different martial arts traditions. It was originally known as Vale Tudo, but in 1993, TV critic Howard Rosenberg coined the term “mixed martial arts” to describe the cage-fighting system’s influences drawn from global martial arts traditions.

Modern mixed martial arts emerged from a combination of Brazilian jiu jitsu and Vale Tudo with Hong Kong street-fighting and Japanese wrestling. Today, mixed martial arts is a major sport, and its most important organization, UFC, has become a wealthy, and powerful sports league with lucrative TV contracts and well-attended competitions globally.

Indeed, many of its competitors have become celebrities, and some have translated that fame into multimedia careers. That has not stopped controversy, however, particularly opposition to MMA as too violent, sometimes referred to pejoratively as “human cock fighting.” All of this creates a rich basis for student essays.

Writing a Martial Arts Essay: A Short Guide

The good news is that writing a martial arts essay is very much like writing any other type of essay. The key principles and the major steps are the same.

One key difference is that your analysis of martial arts will often need to critique the visual aspects of the sport as a performance, not just deal with printed texts as you might with a history essay.

However, for the most part, the steps involved in writing a martial arts essay are the same as writing any other.

1. Be Familiar with Your Subject

To write effectively about martial arts, you need to be familiar with martial arts. Be sure you know something about the  subject of the style and are familiar with the major ideas and concepts related to the specific tradition of martial arts you plan to write about. If you don’t know enough about it, you will need to research your topic more thoroughly.

2. Review the Essay Topic

It might seem obvious, but you need to be sure you are reading the essay question clearly and are thoroughly familiar with the requirements of the assignment.

If you aren’t clear about any of the requirements when writing essays, ask your instructor for help before you start writing your papers. It’s better to get clarification before you write than to write on the wrong topic and then have to do the paper over again, or to miss a requirement and lose major points as a result.

3. Consider Whether to Pay Someone to Write Your Essay

If you aren’t comfortable with the topic or with your writing skills, you might need the help of online experts. If you are ready to pay for someone to do your essay, you can hire a writer from an online writing service e.g. WriteMyPaperHub to produce a complete model essay for you, and this essay will address your specific topic and show you how a writer with an advanced degree would approach it to meet all the requirements of your assignment.

This can be a great resource as you write your own paper, along with a comparison between your work and a professional’s so you can adjust your paper to be more contextually relevant, concise and persuasive.

4. Outline Before You Write

Outlining is a key step in the writing process and makes writing much easier.

When you list all of the key points you plan to make and the evidence you will use to support each, you will have a much easier time writing the paper because the hard part will be complete before you even start to write.

5. Always Revise and Proofread

When you finish writing your draft, your paper wouldn’t be done quite yet!

You always need to set aside time to edit and proofread your paper. Lingering errors can create a negative impression, so find and eliminate as many proofreading mistakes as possible to create a professional-quality paper.

Getting Your Martial Essay Done on Time

These tips for writing about martial arts should be helpful. However, they may not be enough to finish writing your essay on time. Even if you already collected some data, and have some ideas, try not to be over optimistic if the deadline is close.

If you’re not sure you can make it in time, address a reliable writing service for help. This way you will spare some time for assignments with more relaxed deadlines, solving all problems at once.

If you prefer to finish this essay on your own, try not to get stuck on research — start writing even with minimum background and look for more relevant material during the actual process.

Students often spend way too much time on research when the deadline is very close. Don’t fall into this trap – don’t miss the due date because of unnecessary perfectionism!

Set a reasonable time frame on looking for information and sources, and don’t stretch it. It is better to lack some solid citations than not to submit a paper on time at all.

The martial arts is an endlessly fascinating topic to watch, perform and write about. In the eyes of most people it’s always extremely COOL to be not only be fit physically but also mentally and if you can pull of some self-defence (or other) moves as well, then, even better!

What angle of martial arts would you love to write about? Let us know in the comments below!

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