4 Ways To Promote Your Martial Arts School

If you run a martial arts school, you know the biggest challenge is finding and retaining students. Unfortunately, students can’t find you if they don’t know who you are and what you offer.

Like any business, a martial arts school needs to reach out to the community through advertising, appearances, and educational opportunities. If you need inspiration, here are four ways to promote your martial arts school.

Printed Perfection

For starters, it doesn’t matter how good you are at teaching if people don’t know about your school.

Creating a print campaign is always a good first step. Take advantage of free posting spaces in community centers, stores, libraries, and other public spaces. Fliers are always easy to hand out and post in public. They serve as a sort of business card for your school.

Local and regional newspapers and magazines are also good places to advertise. Despite what you may have heard, print isn’t dead! Just be careful to avoid mistakes when printing in bulk, such as using the wrong file type.

Online and in Charge

Don’t overlook the freedom of the Internet. Nowadays, you basically don’t exist if you don’t have an online presence!

Set up accounts on various platforms for your school on Facebook and Instagram. Provide the location, your contact information, and a website link.

YouTube and TikTok are great ways to show off your skills in the martial arts and draw in students.

Note: you don’t have to post something to these sites every hour of every day. Two or three posts a week will keep things lively and draw attention to your school.

Public Demonstrations

Speaking of demonstrations, live events are more interesting than videos. Follow your local community calendars and look for fairs, festivals, picnics, talent shows, and similar events.

The people in charge of such events are always looking for interesting things to present. A short but exciting program of techniques, sparring, and crowd-pleasers—board-breaking and tumbling—are always a hit, especially with the kids!

Talk to Your Students

Another way to promote your martial arts school is to ask your students what drew them to your school and why they keep training with you. They may have encountered your name on a blog post, through an acquaintance, or somewhere else that never occurred to you.

Offer discounts on tuition to those who recruit other students. Ask them if their school or place of work might be amenable to a demonstration as part of a health awareness or safety program.

Finally, share stickers, fliers, and other merchandise promoting the school with them. Word of mouth can be your best recruiter!

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