“Violent Night” Poster Online, Movie Out in Theaters Dec. 2!

It may still be the middle of September, but Santa Claus is already prepping his sleigh for his annual gift-giving trip around the world this holiday season!

However, it seems Santa might have a bit more on his slate this year than usual, and he might have to hand out something a bit harsher than mere lumps of coal to some particularly naughty customers.

All of that and more is what St. Nick has in mind this year in the upcoming Christmas action movie “Violent Night”, hitting theaters on December 2nd, with its poster officially released!

Santa’s Got Some Bad Guys on His Naughty List!

In “Violent Night”, the story will reportedly focus on a mercenary team attempting a heist on a rich family’s estate on Christmas Eve. However, Santa just happens to arrive right on time to put a stop to their illicit Yuletide misdeeds.

David Harbour of “Stranger Things” fame plays Santa, embodying a father of Christmas much less tolerant of those not heeding his simple and perfectly reasonable requests to be good for goodness sake.

The supporting cast also includes John Leguizamo, Beverly D’Angelo, Cam Gigandet, Alexis Louder, and many others, while those behind the camera will definitely pour some holiday season oomph into the mugs of action fans!

87 North Strikes Again with “Violent Night”!

Directed by Tommy Wirkola, “Violent Night” is also co-produced by David Leitch and distributed by 87 North Productions – both of which make “John Wick” comparisons and expectations inevitable before the trailer has even been released.

David Leitch and 87 North have already logged one of 2022’s best action movies with August’s “Bullet Train”, and even the company’s opening logo is a boast of the standards of action, gun-fu, and martial arts they’ve kicked the action movie scene up to. Have you action fans collectively kept yourselves on the nice list this year for another slice of the 87 North turkey fest? One can only assume as much!

Bad-Ass Santa = Lots Of Christmas Fun!

Santa is the epitome of Christmas spirit, selflessness, and charity for all, and 99.99% of his movie and television appearances have come with strict edicts to maintain that.

Evidently, “Violent Night” is the rare instance where Jolly Ole’ St. Nick has to take the gloves off, and while there isn’t a trailer for the film yet, 87 North’s track record with not just the “John Wick” franchise, but “Atomic Blonde” “Hobbs & Shaw”, “Nobody”, and “Bullet Train” speaks for itself in the potential for transforming Santa into an action hero!

Judging from the poster, David Harbour’s interpretation of Santa Claus means business against the crooks coming down the family’s chimney on Christmas Eve without the same permit he has.

John Leguizamo’s penchant for fast-talking and acerbic characters makes one immediately wonder which side of the naughty or nice list his character sits on in “Violent Night”, while Cam Gigandet’s past action roles in “Never Back Down” and “Priest” raise the same question in the spectrum of hero and villain he has the versatility to tackle.

In any case, as the poster itself advises, you better watch out, though for the time being just for the first trailer for “Violent Night” – which should hopefully be taking off from the North Pole to prepare action lovers for what it’s got in its sack when it arrives on December 2…

One can also surely agree that Boston’s cover for “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” above would evidently be a very fitting soundtrack choice for the tone of “Violent Night” should the film elect to make use of it!

“Violent Night” hits theaters on December 2…Stay tuned for news on the holiday action movie as it makes its way down the cinematic chimney!

Are you excited to see Santa in an 87 Eleven-style actioner? What are some of your favorite, most memorable, Christmas-themed action movies? Let us know in the comments below, join in the conversation / share this on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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