The Film Industry: 4 Technologies That Are Changing It

The film industry (including those involving martial arts of course) is always on the cutting edge of technology, from cameras to visual effects and digital technology.

In recent years, many innovative technologies have arrived that are changing the film industry as we know it. Take a closer look in The Film Industry: 4 Technologies That Are Changing It!

1. 3D Previsualization

One of the challenges filmmakers have when making movies is planning a scene or sequence based only on the ideas in their heads. With the advent of green screens and CGI technology, shooting and planning dynamic scenes presents many difficulties, but 3D previsualization is a growing tool many in the industry use.

3D previsualization is a pre-production tool that creates immersive, digital replicas of sets and action with computer technology—all before the cameras roll.

It’s proven an especially popular tool for large-budget movies that plan elaborate set pieces and action sequences. However, it’s also becoming more common for independent filmmakers as the technology becomes more affordable and accessible.

With better planning and visualization, filmmakers can go into shooting better prepared to create a more visually stunning scene.

2. 3D Printing

3D printing is poised to change many industries in the future, from construction to education. However, one of the many facts about 3D printing you should know is that it’s a technology already changing the film industry.

3D printing is almost like something out of a science-fiction movie in its ability to create detailed and versatile 3D models and prototypes quickly and efficiently.

Prop, costume, and many other departments in cinema are already using 3D printing to create three-dimensional models for various purposes. To give an example of its practicality, 3D printers can make production much more efficient and affordable for stop-motion animators.

3. Virtual Reality

One of the technologies that could change the entire concept of movies and how we consume them is virtual reality (VR). While many consider VR to be in its infancy, its potential is captivating—especially for filmmakers.

With the ability to fully immerse users in a virtual world, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine there may be a VR movie one day. Imagine being able to experience a movie in virtual reality like you’re in it yourself!

4. Algorithmic Video Editing

Another technology that has arrived in film-making and is slowly growing is algorithmic video editing. While many would scoff at the idea of an algorithm editing a movie, it’s not so unbelievable. In fact, algorithms are already useful tools that film editors employ.

Algorithmic video editing is relatively simple—it uses a set of rules to perform tasks like automatically cutting footage or organizing shots and materials with visual identifiers for editors.

While it’s simply an aid today, it may not be long before an algorithm can edit an entire movie in the style of a renowned editor quickly and proficiently.

What do you think the future of martial arts movies will be with the tech side advancing even more rapidly than ever now? Let us know in the comments below!

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