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Painted Faces (1988)

Painted Faces 1988 Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Movie review of “Painted Faces” (1988). A fictionalised account of Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan's childhood in the tough world of Peking Opera training.

Top 10 Bar Fights

Top 10 Bar Fights Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Article list counting down our Top 10 Bar Fights (from big to small screen, from Hollywood to Hong Kong) in descending order. Includes videos, links & other related material.

Interview with Sammo Hung

Interview with Sammo Hung Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Interview with the legendary, producer, director, stunt performer, choreographer and martial arts superstar Sammo Hung talking about his work on the action epic “Call of Heroes” (2016).

Tai Chi Hero (2012)

Tai Chi Hero 2012 Kung Fu kingdom 770x472

Movie review of “Tai Chi Hero” (2012) sequel to “Tai Chi Zero” starring Wushu Olympian, Jayden Yuan Xiaochao, directed by Stephen Fung, with action choreography by Sammo Hung.

Heart of the Dragon (1985)

Heart of the Dragon 1985 Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Review of “Heart of the Dragon” (1985) co-directed and starring Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Dick Wei, action by Yuen Biao. “Rain Man” meets Police Story in this touching action-drama.

Top 10 Sammo Hung Movies!

Top 10 Sammo Hung Movies Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Top 10 Sammo Hung Movies. A selection of the best movies from martial arts actor and director Sammo Hung spanning a career of over 4 decades, in descending order.

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