Michel Pereira: Top 5 MMA Finishes

Prepare to be mesmerised by the electrifying presence and unorthodox fighting style of Michel Pereira, a force to be reckoned with in the realm of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Hailing from Maraba, Para, Brazil, Pereira has captured the attention of fans worldwide with his awe-inspiring performances. Born October 6th, 1993, Pereira’s journey to success has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible to do inside the cage.

A proclaimed ‘showman’ of the UFC, Pereira exhibited a natural talent for martial arts, but it was his unbridled creativity and willingness to take risks that set him apart from his peers. 

His unorthodox style, characterised by flashy acrobatics and unpredictable strikes, has become his trademark, leaving opponents and spectators alike often in a state of shock, awe and glee!

Pereira’s ascent in the MMA world can be traced back to his unique, combined background in Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Capoeira, the latter being a Brazilian martial art known for its dynamic and acrobatic movements.

His display of Capoeira has not only shaped his fighting style but has also captivated audiences around the globe.

Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art born out of the African slave trade, seamlessly blends elements of dance, acrobatics, music, and combat.

Pereira’s extensive training in this discipline has bestowed upon him a distinct approach to fighting, characterised by remarkable fluidity, agility, and an impressive repertoire of spinning kicks and aerobatic manoeuvres.

So, let’s explore Pereira’s top 5 finishes, where his extraordinary skills and audacious style have left a lasting impact on the MMA landscape. Each fight represents a masterclass in creativity, athleticism, as well as sheer entertainment value, showcasing Pereira’s ability to captivate audiences while dismantling his opponents.

So without further ado, brace yourself for a wild ride as we delve into the chaos that unfolds when this hurricane of a man steps into the octagon as we countdown Michel Pereira’s Top 5 MMA Finishes! (in descending order)

5. Vs. Hae Jun Yang – Road FC 48 (July 28, 2018)

In round 1, Pereira carefully assesses the distance between himself and Yang, patiently waiting for the right moment to strike.

It’s not until the clock reads 4:05 that he unleashes a powerful right, only to be skilfully blocked by Yang.

Pereira’s elusive footwork and hopping movements aim to confuse and bait his opponent, and with 3:48 on the clock, he sidesteps into a beautifully executed left uppercut.

Displaying his versatility, Pereira throws a variety of kicks and even attempts a daring double-spinning roundhouse kick, which nearly results in him being taken down by Yang.

Despite the flamboyant style seemingly not paying off, Pereira persists, executing a slightly landing Superman punch off the cage, followed by a captivating display of Latin flair as he dances in an impressive side stance, poised for an attack.

Not one to shy away from risks, Pereira even tries a flying knee at 02:37, narrowly missing its mark. This fight exemplifies Pereira’s bold fighting style and fearless attitude.

At 2:01, he pulls off a cartwheel kick, known as the ‘rolling thunder,’ showcasing his persistent style. With 1:47 on the clock, Pereira resumes his dance moves, reminiscent of something out of ‘Zorba the Greek,’ positioning himself for a Superman punch, followed by a short clinch and an almost fatal knee to the head.

There’s no respite when facing Pereira. At 1:21, he teases a backflip off the cage but hesitates at the last second, prompting a chuckle and a smile from the fighters. With just 31 seconds remaining, Pereira surprises with a seemingly random backflip, followed by a flying knee—a preview of moves we’ll become all too familiar with by the end of this countdown.

As the second round begins, Yang comes out with blazing intensity, successfully executing a single-leg takedown just 20 seconds in, followed shortly by a double leg.

Yang’s top mount position demonstrates his determination to make this fight challenging for Pereira, as he delivers solid ground and pound hammer fists at 3:45.

Eventually, Pereira manages to get back up against the cage, returning to his preferred standing position. Although his bouncing enthusiasm waned, Pereira still attempted his thunderous right straight intermittently.

At 1:46, he clinches Yang, but Yang retaliates with swinging strikes as they break apart, prompting Pereira to regain his composure.

With just 47 seconds remaining, Pereira’s left uppercut finds its mark as Yang moves in, leading to a clinch with a knee strike. Pereira lowers himself for a takedown, while Yang attempts a spinning kick as the round concludes, resulting in a scramble to get back on their feet.

They begin the third round with a hug, displaying good sportsmanship despite all that has transpired.

Shortly after, Yang attempts a double-leg takedown but fails as Pereira sprawls out.

At 4:01 on the clock, Pereira counterpunches effectively, launching an onslaught of left and right strikes, with Yang retaliating in return.

Pereira skilfully lands numerous strong knees, eventually securing a clinch with two knees that ultimately bring an end to the fight at 1:48 into the third round. It is a well-deserved victory that Yang did not make easy for Pereira.

4. Vs. Dae Sung Kim – Road FC 052 (Feb. 23, 2019)

In this thrilling open-weight bout, Pereira’s weight and reach advantage favoured him, making it a challenging endeavour for Dae Sung Kim. Pereira tactfully bounced around the cage, strategically aiming to snipe his opponent with powerful right-hand strikes.

At the 4:31 mark of the round, Pereira attempted a flying knee but appeared to get entangled with Dae Sung Kim, causing his opponent to hit the canvas.
Pereira, still on his feet, seized the opportunity to surprise Kim by swiftly turning around and executing a backflip, firmly planting the soles of his feet into Kim’s abdomen before regaining his footing.

As Kim struggled to rise, he stumbled over the referee, prompting a timeout and a warning for Pereira, as the backflip came dangerously close to landing on his head.

Following the reset, Pereira unleashed a unique combination, propelling himself off the cage with a Superman punch. Although the strike did not connect, it set the stage for a potentially devastating capoeira spinning handplant kick that narrowly missed its target.

Undeterred, Pereira attempted the manoeuvre once more, but it was blocked, still managing to force his opponent to the ground.

With 3:43 on the clock, Pereira boldly leapt off the cage while Dae Sung Kim was grounded. However, Kim managed to extend a foot, preventing any significant impact. Pereira, not one to back down, attempted the manoeuvre again, this time incorporating a backflip, swiftly transitioning into a flying sidekick.

Had it landed flush, it could have easily spelled the end for Kim. “It’s as though we are watching a video game fight,” remarked the commentator, a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with!

At 2:50, Kim mounted a comeback with a series of overhand rights but failed to inflict substantial damage on Pereira, who expertly clinched his opponent and delivered a knee to the midsection.

By this stage, the fight was appearing increasingly lopsided, with Kim struggling to find his reach. With just a minute remaining in the round, Pereira executed a skilful, single-leg takedown, gaining top mount and diligently working to control Kim’s arms while seeking opportunities to land punches with his right hand.

The round concluded with both fighters exchanging ground strikes, relentlessly vying for supremacy.

Entering round 2, it became evident that Kim’s best chance of victory lay in securing a knockout, possibly with a powerful right overhand.

Driven by desperation, Kim unleashed a flurry of strikes, enduring punishing body shots to his midsection. However, in his eagerness to land a counter, Pereira seized the moment, trapping Kim against the cage in a clinch and delivering a series of knee strikes.

Returning to the centre of the ring, Pereira unleashed a devastating straight right that caused Kim to stumble towards the cage. Pereira capitalised on the opportunity, finishing Kim off 1:02 seconds into the round with a clinch against the cage, where two thunderous knees sealed the fight.

3. Vs. Won Jun Choi – Road FC 051 XX (Dec. 15, 2018)

In an exhilarating catchweight bout, Pereira enters the round with an electrifying display of movement, effortlessly bouncing around the cage.

With a keen sense of opportunity, he unleashes a powerful right, instantly recognizing the potential in the fight.

Embracing a wide, bouncy stance, he persistently tests his opponent’s defences with lunging straights, successfully connecting once again. And then, in a moment that sends shivers down the spine, Pereira lunges forward with a bone-chilling long right, swiftly concluding the encounter a mere 0:41 seconds into the round.

While not his most flamboyant performance, this display underscores the sheer power that Pereira possesses behind that right hand of his.

2. Vs. Zelim Imadaev – UFC FN 176 (Sept. 5, 2020)

Get ready for a display of showmanship and creativity as Michel Pereira takes centre stage once again. His pre-fight capoeira dance sets the tone for what was to come here!

At 2:35 on the clock, Pereira seizes an opportunity when Imadaev leans forward too much, launching into a quick clinch and delivering a knee to the head. Although it doesn’t secure the finish, Imadaev felt the impact.

Then, at 2:06, Pereira attempts his signature showtime kick, followed by a daring and taunting display of hands behind his back.

The 1:15 mark sees Pereira landing a powerful one-two combo, causing Imadaev to stumble and briefly drop down before recovering.

Pereira’s footwork, reminiscent of Muhammad Ali, and some playful crab dancing towards the end of the round visibly frustrated Imadaev, provoking a heated response after the bell rung.

Just 20 seconds into the second round, Pereira unleashes a powerful right, narrowly missing its mark.

Moments later, a well-timed leg kick from Imadaev sends Pereira soaring into the air, perhaps interrupting an intriguing and risky move in progress.

Around the one-minute mark, Pereira unleashes a spinning capoeira kick reminiscent of Eddy Gordo from the Tekken video game series and even attempts the daring rolling thunder later on. As the round concludes, Pereira delivers a devastating body hook, leaving his mark on Imadaev.

Entering the third round, Pereira appears remarkably fresh, as if it were still only the first.

At 4:16, he leaps off the cage with a Superman punch, followed by a high-jumping knee, and then transitions into a clinch, landing punishing knee strikes to the midsection.

Displaying his confidence and taunting Imadaev at 3:32 with hand gestures and a smile, Pereira continues to frustrate his opponent. And once again, at 1:13, he repeats the taunting antics.

At the 35-second mark, Pereira channels his inner Bruce Lee widening his stance like the legendary fighter, then, gracefully evades a strike and swiftly secures the back of Imadaev, executing a powerful suplex to the ground.

Without wasting a moment, he applies an instant rear naked choke, swiftly ending the fight in a spectacular submission at 4:39 into round 3.

Michel Pereira’s performance is a masterclass in combining showmanship with skill, leaving both fans and opponents bewildered by his dynamic and unpredictable fighting style.

1. Vs. Danny Roberts – UFC FN 152 (May 18, 2019)

In a short but thrilling matchup at UFC Fight Night, Michel Pereira clashed with Danny Roberts, delivering a performance highlighting his unrivalled athleticism and creativity.

Before the fight even began, Pereira wowed the crowd with a display of breakdancing and capoeira moves, providing a tantalising preview of the excitement up his sleeve.

Just 23 seconds into the match, Pereira unleashed a beautiful counterpunch with his right hand, forcing his opponent to step back agape.

With the cage as his playground, Pereira teased a showtime kick, keeping Roberts guessing and adding an air of uncertainty to the fight.

At the 4:00 mark, he even attempted a rolling thunder kick, a remarkable combination of Karate and Capoeira, showing off his acrobatic skills and willingness to take risks.

Pereira’s unique fighting style created constant uncertainty for Danny Roberts, who must have found himself questioning, “What do I do?”

At 3:31 on the clock, Pereira dazzled with his tricky footwork, executing a Superman punch and even attempting it off the cage. Then he delivered a stunning, jumping right knee that marked the beginning of the end for Roberts.

As Roberts stumbled back, Pereira wasted no time and followed up with a powerful right hand, ultimately finishing the fight in spectacular fashion, 1:47 into the round,

Michel Pereira’s dynamic fighting style, characterized by his acrobatics, unorthodox strikes, backflips and versatile skill set, has made him a fan favourite in the MMA world.

His ability to captivate audiences while maintaining a high level of performance has cemented his status as a must-watch fighter in every bout he competes in.

As Pereira continues his unconventional journey in the octagon, fans can expect more thrilling performances and extraordinary displays of skill from this remarkable athlete.

So there we have it folks, 5 of Michel Pereira’s best MMA finishes!

As an exciting and unique fighter in the welterweight division, Michel has captivated fans with his entertaining presence and unorthodox fighting style demonstrating his ability to push the boundaries of what is possible inside the octagon.

What are your favourite fights from the list above? Let us know in the comments below; Like, share and join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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