India’s Trailblazing UFC Fighter: The Rise of Puja “The Cyclone” Tomar

In the fast-evolving world of MMA, India has started to carve out a niche for itself. One name stands out in this emergence; Puja “The Cyclone” Tomar.

With an impressive professional MMA record of 8-4-0 and a current four-win streak, she is turning heads and breaking barriers as India’s first-ever female UFC fighter!

The Cyclone’s Journey

Puja Tomar, renowned as “The Cyclone,” has consistently showcased her remarkable skills in the competitive strawweight division.

Puja’s Wushu Martial Arts Background

Standing at 5′ 1″ and representing Muzaffarnagar, India, she’s proven to be a formidable force inside the octagon. Her foundation in Wushu, under the expert guidance of head coach, Mike Ikilei, has meticulously shaped her into a surprisingly versatile fighter.

Throughout her formative years, Tomar was profoundly influenced by her father, who introduced her to athletics at a tender age and shared his profound insights as a former athlete.

Tomar’s father sacrificed his sporting dreams in order to start a business to earn enough money to provide for his family. Tragically though, she lost him in a car accident at the young age of 7, but she persists in perpetuating his legacy through her exceptional achievements in martial arts.

Indian Wushu Champ and a Dominant Global Presence

As the Indian National Wushu Champion and a dominant presence in global competition, she serves as a living tribute to her father’s enduring wisdom and values.

Tomar’s remarkable talents have garnered recognition in regional rankings, where she currently holds the title of the second-best active female strawweight fighter in the Middle East.

She also boasts the tenth position in the highly competitive Asia Southeast rankings and second place in the esteemed Asia South rankings.

Her affiliation with Soma Fight Club has played a pivotal role in her journey to success. Notably, she has earned the distinguished honour of becoming the first or inaugural Indian female MFN MMA World Champion.

MMA Fight Record

Puja Tomar’s MMA journey is a story of determination and growth. Her professional record spotlights her versatility, with 6 wins by KO/TKO, 3 losses by submission, and 2 wins by decision. She has participated in various promotions, including ONE, MFN, and SFL, demonstrating her ability to adapt to different platforms.

Puja Tomar’s Adaptability is a Key Strength

Looking at her record, perhaps a look at her submission defence could be what sets her up for a strong start in the UFC. There are plenty of great submission specialists in the UFC and something that Tomar must be aware of when stepping into the UFC octagon.

An example of this was in her loss against Stamp Fairtex where she went for a sweep that turned south for Puja as Stamp was able to take her back for the choke.

However, since then we can see that Puja’s record has improved and that she has the resilience to take that loss positively and improve her game. Such resilience is a hallmark of all top-tier fighters.

In addition, her striking ability will be something to look out for as the majority of her KO’s are finished with her fists.

Notable Fights

Tomar’s journey to the UFC has been marked by impressive victories. One of her most memorable wins was against Bi Nguyen at Matrix Fight Night 10 in November 2022

She secured a victory with a flurry of punches in the second round. The fight highlighted her striking skills and resilience.

Fast, Powerful, and Unrelenting Striking Skills

Another defining moment in Puja Tomar’s impressive career came in her most recent fight, which took place on July 1, 2023, at Tiger Shroff’s Matrix Fight Night 12.

In a thrilling contest, she secured a remarkable victory over Anastasia Feofanova with a corner stoppage in the fourth round

This win marked a significant milestone for Tomar and Indian MMA, in evidence of her continuous growth and potential in the sport.

Puja “The Cyclone” Tomar’s journey to becoming India’s first UFC fighter is a testament to her dedication and talent. Her rise through regional rankings and notable victories have set up fans for an exciting UFC debut.

With the potential to make waves in the global UFC and MMA scene, Puja Tomar is a name we should all watch closely as she continues to pave the way for Indian fighters on the international stage.

Sharing a Powerful Statement on Her Instagram Page

“To the UFC and all my future opponents, take heed: Indian fighters are defined by our unwavering ferocity and unyielding strength.

We face danger head-on, never backing down. Today, I make a solemn promise to showcase the indomitable spirit of our nation, for my people. We are on the horizon, and I am leading the charge with my entire country standing firmly behind me.”

So there we have it folks, a brief profile on the life and career of Puja Tomar!

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