Glover Teixeira: Top 5 MMA Finishes

Glover Lucas Teixeira born 28th October, 1979 is a 41 year-old Brazilian MMA fighter currently ranked no.1 in the UFC’s Light Heavyweight division.

Impressively Glover has the record for most submissions and most finishes in UFC light heavyweight history and is a previous owner of a 20-fight win streak prior to facing Jon “Bones” Jones. He has notable wins over Thiago Santos, Anthony Smith, Rashad Evans and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

Teixeira trains at his own gym Teixeira MMA & Fitness in Bethel, Connecticut where he currently lives. Glover is a solid, all-round MMA fighter which is evidenced by his outstanding record of 32 wins, 18 by K.O. and 9 by submission.

Teixeira is a pressure fighter who likes to ‘close the distance’ on his opponents and often takes the fight to the floor where he can demonstrate his high-level Jiu-Jitsu black belt skills, which he has used in 3 of his last 5 fights.

However, Glover often finds himself in ‘trouble’ and is susceptible to getting ‘caught’ from time to time yet, his veteran experience and will to win often see him coming out on top as seen below where Glover gets dropped or hurt but still comes back to win.

After his title shot against Jon Jones, Glover hasn’t fought in a championship fight since often falling at the last hurdle to competitors such as Anthony “Rumble” Johnson or Alexander Gustafsson, however  recently Glover has put together an impressive 5-fight win streak and rumour has it he will be next in line for the light heavyweight crown. 

Now you have the background on his career, let’s get into Glover Teixeira’s Top 5 MMA Finishes! (in descending order)

5. Vs. James Te-Huna – UFC 160 (May 25, 2013)

Glover Teixeira vs James Te Huna KUNG FU KINGDOM

On an 18-fight win streak, Glover put his skills to the test against New Zealand’s knockout artist, James Te-Huna.

Glover shoots for a single-leg takedown and is able to convert just under a minute into the first round. He’s able to put out some effective work in half guard until Te-Huna grabs onto a leg, using it swiftly to return to his feet.

However, Glover still having the front headlock position, uses it to jump into his guard with an arm in guillotine causing Te-Huna to tap just 2 minutes, 38 seconds into the first round.

This incredible submission gave Glover the Submission of the Night, a $50,000 bonus and took him one step closer to a UFC title shot. The true highlight of the night for Glover however, was meeting his hero, heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson, in the octagon! 

4. Vs. Ion Cutelaba – UFC Fight Night 150 (April 27, 2019)

With 14 years separating the opponents, Glover looked to prove that age is just a number.

In just under 15 seconds of the first round, Cutelaba lands a right, high kick to the side of Teixeira’s head, giving him confidence as he presses forward.

At 2 minutes, 20 seconds in, Cutelaba executes a brilliant spinning backfist that lands flush, rocking Glover back, Teixeira shoots for a takedown but Cutelaba is able to reverse it and gain top control. However, Cutelaba is unable to find the finish and Glover scrambles and threatens a single leg which he uses to get back to his feet.

At 25 seconds into round two, Glover connects with a vicious right hand that forces Cutelaba to retreat.

At 2 minutes 40, Glover lands a powerful left hook that smashes into Cutelaba who fires back with a left hook of his own, Glover continues to force on the action landing a clean overhand right and left hook combination. Cutelaba throws a knee and slips giving Glover just enough time to dive into his guard.

Wasting no time Teixeira in just over 20 seconds, transitions from full guard into full mount and begins to reign down a cluster of punches. Cutelaba, trying to avoid punishment, turns to his back to get up but Glover is able to sink in a rear naked choke finishing the fight at 3 minutes, 37 seconds into the second round.

3. Vs. Thiago Santos – UFC on ESPN 17 (Nov. 7, 2020)

Fighting the no.1-ranked Santos, Glover looked to establish his dominance en route to a title shot.

Just 45 seconds in and a barrage of punches from Santos stumbles Glover with hooks sending Teixeira tumbling to the ground but the undeniably tenacious Glover is somehow able to make the most of a bad situation in a scramble and ends up taking Santos down.

Santos uses the cage to get himself up, only for Glover to secure a body lock, slamming Santos to the ground with Glover landing straight into mount. After an horrendous start to the round, Glover turns the tide and is able to control Santos for the rest of the round, landing some significant damage.

Glover looks to build on his success from the first round and at 20 seconds into the second, lands a powerful double leg takedown. He then transitions to half guard and is able to land some devastating blows, controlling Santos for over 4 minutes in this position until he moves to mount with 10 seconds left in the round. Santos turns to his back whilst Glover sinks in a deep choke that looks fight-ending but Santos is saved by the bell.

After a dominant round, Glover searches for more of the same in round three but Santos has other ideas – executing a huge left hook that drops Glover – causing a huge switch in momentum, Santos looks to finish the fight.

However, the seasoned veteran, Glover, is able to withstand the punishment, and at a minute 30 into the round, although Santos starts to unload heavy bombs, Glover is able to scramble out from Santos’ half guard and is able to take Santos’ back..

Glover then lands some heavy strikes to prime Santos for the submission and then promptly secures a rear naked choke 1 minute, 49 seconds into the third round.

After taking out the no.1-ranked light heavyweight, Glover rightly earned his shot at current light heavyweight king, the Polish Jan Błachowicz.

2. Vs. Rashad Evans UFC on Fox 19 (April 16, 2016)

After, compiling a two-fight win streak after suffering back to back losses (his first defeats in almost 10 years to Jon Jones and Phil Davis) Glover looked to continue this refreshed win streak. Glover, the no.4-ranked light heavyweight at the time took on the former UFC light heavyweight champion and no.7- ranked Rashad Evans.

As the fight starts, Glover immediately puts Evans on the back foot and pressures him up against the cage. Teixeira throws a right that misses, causing him to fall into a clinch. Evans uses this to his advantage, landing a couple of shots as he exits the clinch.

At a minute, 40 seconds into the round, Glover again forces Evans up to the cage darting in with a right that misses by an inch, but follows up with a swift left hook that drops Rashad to his knees. He follows this up with a quick right uppercut that instantaneously renders Evans unconscious at 1 minute, 48 seconds of the first round.

Knocking out a pioneer and legend of the game such as Rashad Evans didn’t go unnoticed as it earned Glover the Performance of the Night along with a $50,000 bonus.

1. Vs. Ryan Bader UFC Fight Night 28 (Sept. 4, 2013)

Glover Teixeira vs Ryan Bader KUNG FU KINGDOM

After 19 straight wins the no.2-ranked Glover looked to take on Ryan Bader and make it 20 straight. An impressive performance here would no doubt secure a shot at the light heavyweight title.

At 15 seconds in, a glancing left hook lands on the side of Glover’s head which seems to rock him. Bader then takes a front headlock position and jumps to an arm in a guillotine attempt which fails – Bader quickly gets back to his feet.

At 2 minutes, 30 into the same first round, Glover fires an overhand right, yet a Bader left hook finds its home knocking Teixeira down.

Bader tries to find the finish, but Glover scrambles to his feet. Bader then unleashes multiple right hands with malicious intent, but Teixeira remains calm and fires back a right and left hook of his own knocking Bader off his feet. Glover finishes off the fight at 2 minutes, 55 seconds of the first round.

After being on the brink of defeat, Glover turned the fight around earning the Knockout of the Night, a $50,000 bonus, and a shot at UFC gold.

So there we have it folks, 5 of Glover Teixeira’s best MMA Finishes!

With a stellar record of 32 wins, 18 TKO/KO’s, and the UFC all-time record for most submissions and finishes in the light heavyweight division, where would you rank Glover among the All-Time Greats? What’s your favourite ‘comeback from combat adversity’ moment from the list above? Do you think he’ll take light heavyweight gold from Jan Blachowicz this Sept. 4th, at UFC 266?

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Joe Petrozzi is currently studying Sports and Exercise Science in his final year at Staffordshire University. He is interested in all types of martial arts combat, and has been since a young age after his dad introduced him to MMA. He is specifically engrossed with the psychology of being a fighter and the mind of a combat athlete.

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