4 Unique Ways to Strengthen Your Muscles Outside of the Gym

There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym. Gyms are a great place to access equipment, trainers, and support groups for sports and a general healthy lifestyle.

However, sometimes you’ll want to strengthen muscle outside of the gym. The following four unique ways to exercise will help you build and strengthen your muscles while enjoying nature.

1. Practice Tai Chi Outside

Tai Chi is a popular Chinese martial art that some people call shadowboxing. It’s often considered moving meditation.

This moving meditation strengthens muscles, improves the cardiovascular system, and helps balance, and reduce stress. It is a fairly easy martial art to learn, and you can do so from a live instructor or following a video.

Some instructors practice outside, so you can start outdoor classes right away and enjoy the good weather. Other times, you can learn the movements and then practice outside on your own.

2. Take a Hike

Hiking is another way to get outside and reap numerous health benefits, including strengthening your muscles.

Navigating terrain during a hike builds your muscles and bones in your lower body while improving your balance and heart health. If you’ve never hiked before, invest in some good shoes and start exploring easy local hikes. The more hiking experience you have, the more confident you’ll feel exploring new locations with new challenges.

3. Go Sport Fishing on a River

Many people think of fishing as a hobby, not an exercise. Sport fishing is both. While you’ll still catch fish as you typically would, sport fishing often requires that people use specific techniques, such as fly fishing.

They must also follow specific rules, such as only catching a certain number of fish. You can do this on your own or choose to compete. Either way, you can reap surprising health benefits of sport fishing, such as strengthening muscles in your arms, back, and legs.

4. Swim in a Natural Body of Water

Any type of swimming is great exercise and will help strengthen and tone muscles all over your body. Swimming in a natural body of water, especially one with a current, adds an extra challenge and natural resistance benefits.

You need stronger muscles to swim against a current than in still water like a pool. Other benefits of swimming outside include improving your mental health and getting more Vitamin D.

While exercising inside has very many benefits, getting outside of the gym in these four unique ways will help you strengthen muscles and improve overall health.

If you don’t want to exercise in these specific ways, there are still plenty of outdoor exercises you can do. Try walking or running around your neighborhood, biking through a local park, or learn to golf!

Understanding how to develop your muscles, no matter where you are is a great skill. It encourages a keen self awareness and creates a special bond with your own body and its innate potentials!

Which ways do you believe are best for developing your muscular strength without using a gym? Let us know in the comments below!

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