10 Top Wrestling Entry Theme Songs!

“What we’re really about, we make movies” is how WWE’s Vince McMahon views the ultimate goal of professional wrestling. Watch any episode of WWE and it’s easy to see just how much they have in common with movie making; lavish sets, costumes, explosively tense storylines, and of course the larger than life characters, the wrestlers themselves, with almost god (and goddess)-like physiques feud and battle to be crowned supreme whilst boldly announcing their arrival into the arena is their entrance theme.

The music echoes throughout the arena as the big screen above – the “Titantron” – displays a montage of everyone’s favourite sports entertainer’s moments in action, a wrestler’s entrance theme combines strong emotion, excitement, anticipation and drama. The theme, written or sampled to best reflect the wrestler’s character is designed to whip the crowd into a frenzy for their heroes’ arrival or heels’ invasion. Chosen for their energy and adrenalizing effect, verve, and ability to inspire that sense of epic showmanship here are 10 Top Wrestling Entry Theme Songs, in descending order…

  1. Steve Blackman – “Groundshaker”

It is often overlooked, except by the most hardcore of pro-wrestling fans, that before he took on his “Lethal Weapon” moniker Steve Blackman was working with the WWE back in the late 80’s. It was a bout of malaria that put him out of action, stalling his career, however after years’ of physical therapy that included intense martial arts’ training, Blackman returned with a new persona and some deadly skills. “Groundshaker” signalled his comeback with its loud guitar and spear reverberating drums marking the arrival of an athlete whose fists could shake the foundations of any arena.

  1. A.J. Styles – “I Am”

A relentless and edgy persona along with his show-stopping aerial, high-flying talent (check out his Pele bicycle kick) earned A.J. Styles the title “Mr TNA” putting TNA on the sports entertainment map. Dale OIiver’s “I Am” is perfectly suited to the athlete also known asthe ‘Phenomenal One’ with its heavy grunge rock sound and loud lyrics packed with the same hard-hitting energy as one of Styles’ innovative takes on the infamous high impact DDT manoeuvre.

  1. Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger – “Ikari No Jyushin”

A recognisable face (ironically) of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Liger is considered one of the more revolutionary junior heavyweight performers with an impressive athletic ability matched only by his colourful character. The disco-esque high energy synth score and Japanese lyrics are taken from the anime superhero ‘Jushin Liger’ created by Manga artist Go Nagai. Attired in a colourful funky spandex and an outrageous demonic mask, Liger injected the showman aspect of pro-wrestling into his persona helped by an equally vibrant entrance theme.

  1. Edge – “Metalingus (You Think You Know Me)”

After a successful tag team run with his best friend Christian Cage (more on him later) Adam Copeland aka “Edge” left behind the duo that brought you the “five second pose” to a more alluring persona, the “rated R superstar”. The words “you think you know me” whispered by a sultry female voice accompany Alter Bridge’s post-grunge heavy rock track “Metalingus” amplifying Edge’s Rock God-like entrance exuding both his charm with the ladies as well as his deceptively tough and high-flying wrestling style.

  1. Goldberg – “Invasion”

Whether as a heroic face or growling heel “Invasion” is the perfect theme for the hulking Goldberg. It’s not hard to see how this pounding score whips a packed arena into loud cheers and rapturous applause, or a chorus of boos with its combination of timpani drums and synth melody. Invasion has all the aural dramatic traits of a movie soundtrack that easily serves as a welcoming announcement for a conquering hero or foreboding arrival of a destructive villain.

  1. Kurt Angle – “Medal”

Throughout his professional career from WWE to TNA, Kurt Angle’s entrance was accompanied by a variety of different tracks. Yet Jim Johnston’s “Medal” is the most recognisable and best loved of this WWE Hall of Fame recipient’s entrance themes. The trumpet fanfare personifies Angle’s character of an American Olympic hero draped in red, white and blue as the words Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence drape across the titantron above.

  1. Mitsuharu Misawa – “Spartan X”

Looking back on some of his highlights it’s not hard to see why the likes of William Regal and CM Punk revere this larger than life legend. Mitsuharu Misawa, whilst displaying a notably stoic, solid inner-poise nonetheless projected energy, focus and stun-gun like lethal right elbows into his opponents and matches riling the crowds into a chorus of cheers and chants. As one of All Japan Pro Wrestling’s long standing members, Misawa also revolutionised the business along the way. Jackie Chan fans will recognise the high energy disco track of Keith Morrison’s “Spartan X” from the classic “Wheels on Meals”, which from 1990 to his death in 2009 served as Misawa’s entrance theme. Its high note piano melody bursting into a high-energy beat evokes a combined sense of grandeur and honour fitting this deserving Japanese legend.

  1. Rey Mysterio – “Booyaka 619”

No tune has better captured the energy and vibrancy of this young ambassador of the Lucha Libre wrestling style then this up-tempo Latino beat with frenetic lyrics sung by Mysterio himself. Written by DJ Madd Dog “Booyaka 619” embodies so much fun and excitement that when the tune kicks in and the mask-donning Mysterio enters the arena to a backdrop of his finest moments you know you’re in for an exciting showstopper of a match and will no doubt witness the flawless execution of his “619” signature manoeuvre!

  1. Taka Michinoku – “Yamato Suite”

Written by Yasuharu Takanashi the “Yamato Suite” is a high-energy mix of grunge, rock, with an undercurrent pumped-up Japanese melody which really kicks into overdrive at 1min 40secs. This Asian/rock fusion sound could be comparative of both the cheeky charm and aggressiveness of Taka as well as his successful career in both Japanese and American pro-wrestling. Whether as a solo competitor or as one half of WWE’s mischievous comic tag team “KaiEn Tai”, like his entrance music, Taka fuses the best of both worlds; combination of technical know how and showmanship.

And in at #1…

  1. Christian Cage – “Take Over”

As tag team partner and best friend Edge embarked on his solo career, Christian Cage made his own splash over the years with a persona far removed from the days of the “five second pose”. Dale Oliver’s “Take Over” followed Cage into the ring from 2005 to 2012 spanning his time at WWE, TNA and independent circuits. Starting with a tunereminiscent of Giorgio Moroder’s “The Fight” from 80’s film “Over the Top”, it kicks into high gear with a faster-paced full and grungy rock sound, “Take Over” is a fine match for Cage’s charismatic intensity. Some have said this is possibly one of the best single music themes ever -wrestling or not! Perhaps a case where the music transcends the wrestler?

So, there you have it folks, we hope you liked these 10 Top Wrestling Entry Theme Songs to help activate your own warrior beast mode. Blast your training to the next level with your larger-than-life determination to achieve and to win! Got a favourite wrestling theme? Tell us below!

Ever since he first saw the great Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon on the big screen whilst living in Iran, Ramon has been fascinated with martial arts, and at age 6 attended classes in Kan Zen Ryu Karate under Sensei Reza Pirasteh. When he moved to the UK, martial arts came calling in his early teens in the shape of the mysterious art of Ki Aikido which he studied for five years. Since then he has practiced Feng Shou Kung Fu, Lee Style Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Kickboxing before returning to Aikido, studying under Sensei Michael Narey. As well as Bruce Lee, Ramon is a big fan of martial arts actors Jackie Chan, Cynthia Rothrock, Jeff Wincott, Richard Norton and Tadashi Yamashita to name a few. Ramon is an aspiring writer and when he is not honing his craft he likes to go out running, hiking and is still trying to count to ten in Japanese.

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    Vishesh December 24, 2017 at 6:55 am

    The best WWE theme songs are: Kane’s Theme ‘Finger 11’ and Undertaker’s ‘RIP’.

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