Top 3 Best UFC Fights in 2022

The best UFC fights, now that we’ve reached the last third of 2022, is an exciting topic to reflect on! We’ve witnessed some of the most devastating UFC fights in the cage this year. This is especially important for die-hard fans of the sport and those who bet MMA odds on the events.

We’ve already seen a variety of fantastic battles amongst some of the UFC’s most formidable competitors, so it’s no surprise that many consider MMA to be the most exciting combat sport in the world.

1. Jiri Prochazka vs. Glover Teixeira — UFC 275

Jiri Prochazka and Glover Teixeira added their own chapters to light heavyweight history at the UFC 275 main event in Singapore, with Prochazka capturing the 205-pound belt from Teixeira via a fifth-round choke.

As the battle started, Prochazka altered stances in search of openings, but it was the champion who scored first before taking the fight to the ground in the second minute.

As Prochazka attempted to regain his balance, Teixeira unleashed blows and transitioned into side control while Prochazka was on the mat.

The challenger was granted his wish with less than two minutes remaining, but seconds later, he was back on the mat, with Teixeira in the mount position.

Prochazka was forced to give up his back due to the subsequent blows, but he regained his feet and unleashed a series of equally damaging ground strikes before the round finished.

As round two began, the challenger seemed confident as he had success with various striking assaults. Teixeira was stunned with a right hand in the second minute, prompting two takedown attempts.

Prochazka defended well and kept the onslaught coming. Still, suddenly Teixeira knocked Prochazka to the mat, allowing the Brazilian to go on the offensive with a series of elbows that cut Prochazka above the left eye just before the horn sounded.

Prochazka successfully defended Teixeira’s first takedown attempt in the third round and continued his unorthodox striking, with in particular, a short left that stunned the champion.

Two minutes in, just as it seemed like Prochazka would pull away, Teixeira secured a takedown. This time, Prochazka regained his feet quickly and scored a tremendous punch on his bleeding opponent.

However, the champion refused to back down, and with less than a minute remaining, Teixeira was on top and throwing punches.

Teixeira put Prochazka to the ground in the second minute of the fourth round, right before the middle of the round, after the two 205-pound fighters exchanged strikes to open the round.

Teixeira then attempted two arm triangle chokes. After Prochazka regained his freedom, he assumed the top position, but Teixeira temporarily took his opponent’s back until another change of position saw Prochazka in control at the horn.

2. Gilbert Burns vs. Khamzat Chimaev — UFC 273

The unbeaten Khamzat Chimaev was at his most vulnerable in this colossal bout, which might very well be the match of 2022, never mind the first six months.

Burns vs. Chimaev was a three-round whirlwind that Chimaev finally won. The fight was described by some as more of a “war” than a competition.

Chimaev withstood no less than 119 punches from “Durinho” before the conclusion of the encounter, after being struck just once in his previous four UFC fights. Burns opened a wound on Chimaev’s face with a series of powerful punches, causing Chimaev to visibly shudder.

Even though the first two rounds were hard, Chimaev won the third round by the unanimous vote of the judges (48–47, 47–48, 48–47). Due to how hard the fight was, both fighters earned the “Fight of the Night” bonus for the evening.

Chimaev said in the post-match interview that he was “very happy” to knock out Burns and vowed to “smash” his next opponent. Chimaev is now one of the best and most exciting welterweight fighters in the world. He has fought eleven times and has never lost!

Burns has requested appealed to the UFC for a  rematch, having felt cheated by the decision to stop the fight early. Chimaev’s next fight is expected to take place in Abu Dhabi this October.

3. Charles Oliveira vs. Justin Gaethje — UFC 274

For as long as this intense contest continued, it was a sight to see.

Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje, two of the most dangerous finishers in the UFC, squared up in the main event of UFC 274.

After getting in trouble for not making weight by 0.5 pounds, Oliveira lost his lightweight belt, and if Gaethje won, he was the only one who could claim it.

However, Oliveira maintained his hot streak of victories by defeating Gaethje in the first round.

In round 1, Gaethje began aggressively and even scored a knockdown in the first minute. “The Highlight” chose to let Charles Oliveira return to his feet rather than join him on the mat, perhaps out of concern for his opponent’s renowned grappling skills.

Both lightweights seemed to want the fight to end quickly, so “The Highlight” started throwing more punches and knocked the former champion down for a second time. Oliveira quickly rebounded, knocking out his American opponent with a precise straight right and then pounced on him on the ground.

Despite being wounded, “do Bronx” quickly gained Gaethje’s back and secured a rear-naked choke (RNC) to further embellish his famed battle cry: “The champion has a name, and it’s Charles Oliveira”!

Which of the UFC fights above is the best in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below!

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