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The Assassin competition!

The acclaimed wuxia film 'The Assassin' has just arrived in the U.S. courtesy of Well Go USA, and you have the chance to win a free copy on KFK!

Best Martial Arts Movie Fights of 2015

Brad puts the spotlight on the best martial arts action scenes to hit the screen in 2015.

Interview with Vic Armstrong

This is a two-part Kung Fu Kingdom exclusive interview with action movie stunt legend Vic Armstrong!

Interview with John Salvitti

Interview with John Salvitti, a fight choreographer who shares his experiences working in Hong Kong and Hollywood and his love for all things martial ...

The Transporter Refueled fight clips!

Prequel movie The Transporter Refueled goes back in time to Frank's origins, with Ed Skrein stepping into Statham's shoes, and the martial arts is ...

Interview with Ralph Figueroa

Master Miguel Quijano is one of the few to master the mysterious art of Juego de Mani, we spoke with one of his leading students, Ralph Figueroa.

Furious 7 (2015)

The “Fast and Furious” series has come a long way and truly changed a lot since its initial outing. What began as “Point Break” with street racing ...

Happy Birthday Corey Yuen

Happy Birthday to Corey Yuen who turns 64 today! He's a Hong Kong action director, film director, producer and action choreographer. He was a member ...

Interview with David Yeung

David Yeung: “I strove to continually improve on all fronts and sending the message to people that you can transform your body if you’re really ...

The Transporter (2002)

Eight years before knife wielding Lee Christmas (Expendables), there was driver extraordinaire, Frank Martin. Jason Statham makes his debut as a ...

Profile of Jet Li

Li Lianjie, better known by his English stage name Jet Li, is a Chinese actor, film producer, martial artist, and wushu champion who was born in ...

Jackie Chan event added to Film Festival

The Shanghai International Film Festival is set to get a whole lot better next year with the permanent addition of the Jackie Chan International ...

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