Happy Birthday Corey Yuen

Happy Birthday to Corey Yuen who turns 64 today! He’s a Hong Kong action director, film director, producer and action choreographer. He was a member of the Peking Opera Schools and one of the Seven Little Fortunes. As an actor, Yuen is perhaps best known as Rubber Legs’ student in 1979 kung fu comedy film Dance of the Drunk Mantis.

As an action director, Yuen gained fame in American cinema beginning with 1998 film Lethal Weapon 4, followed by the 2000 blockbuster X-Men and six of Jet Li’s American works: Romeo Must Die, Kiss of the Dragon, The One, Cradle 2 the Grave, War, and The Expendables. He’s also worked with Jason Statham having recently worked out the action for Wild Card, as well as previous Statham hits The Transporter and it’s sequel, Badges of Fury, The Man with the Iron Fists. He also directed No Retreat, No Surrender,

You can read more about him on Wikipedia here.

Here are a few examples of his stirling work!

Kiss of the Dragon

Unleashed (aka Danny the Dog)

The Transporter

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