Kung Fu Feng Shui: How to Create Your Interior Design for Martial Arts Mastery

It is a mistake to think that kung fu is just an oriental form of martial arts. Kung fu is not only a fighting technique, it is also a science – the perfection of any art over a period of time, with perseverance and commitment (you can even be a ‘kung fu’ chef!). A person must master his art, and it helps massively if his environment suits his ‘mastery’ goal. Read on for Kung Fu Feng Shui: How to Create Your Interior Design for Martial Arts Mastery!

Feng Shui for the Kung Fu Mindset & Lifestyle

For example, the art of room interiors (Feng Shui), designed in a traditional style, conducive to the ‘kung-fu mindset’ for instance, primarily reflects long, hard work, skill, clarity, correctness of positive thoughts and practical methods for their implementation.

When we hear the term “Kung Fu”, Chinese teachings, martial arts, intricate hieroglyphs and other esoteric concepts come to mind and this can be reflected in the interior of any room, whether it be for training or meditation. This style embodies the mantras and meaning for the existence of Chinese schools — the development of skill, excellence, and outstanding results coming from a determined resolve.

Which Rooms Can Be Adapted to a Kung Fu Style or Way?

Well, any room in an apartment or house can be transformed to represent these ideals, teaching, art and symbolism.

An ideal atmosphere can be created for example, in office spaces where the interior is thoughtfully designed and laid out. It can lend a lot of energy, inspiration and creativity to a team that is dynamically reaching forward toward worthwhile goals and growth.

The main thing is to adhere to certain rules. For kung-fu style rooms, it’s best not to have blank walls and doors and it’s better to have many large swing windows for the free flow of ‘chi’ (life force, or life energy).

It is also worth remembering that this is not just an interior designed in a traditional, oriental style. A kung-fu styled theme can be reflected as restraint and rigour in, colours, furniture, and accessories too. Perhaps the difference between kung fu style and Japanese interior style, is the sense of space in the room.

It should not be filled with unnecessary mobile partitions, bulky furniture, and designer accessories – a minimalist approach works best.

Using Light & Accents

For a more youthful style of interior that symbolizes space and harmony, you can have a small room look visually wider, by using light colors for the walls and ceilings.

Furniture and other details, on the other hand, should be darker and clearer with distinct contrasts with accents in mind. This is a tried and tested method that works. To find suitable furniture, you can visit places like NY Furniture Outlets, which has a huge assortment of dark furniture designs.

The philosophy of kung fu can extend through to healthy, conscious human development, therefore, when creating interior styles, materials of synthetic origin are generally not recommended.

Consider using wood or cork for the floor, decorative plaster, or wild stone on the walls, and windows, with doors made from environmentally-friendly wood, whilst curtains and carpets should be made from natural fabrics.

Furniture and decor should be environmentally-friendly and harmless. Instead of wallpaper use decorative plaster and furniture – made of natural wood. Natural materials without gloss, polymers and synthetics are good too.

White and light colors used in furniture and decor are capable of awakening tremendous strength of mind in anyone. It is also helpful to add bright elements using the colours red or dark blue, which symbolize good luck and prosperity.

Consider these Design Ideas for Your Interior

Fireplace made of natural stone combined with wood, a mini fountain, a Chinese greenhouse garden, branch-like plants along the walls and ceilings

By the way, the weapons of the eastern warfare may also evoke a conducive martial energy: a collection of swords, nunchakus, and bamboo canes might be symbolically stimulating for you.

Indoor flowers, believe it or not, will also suit the kung fu mindset. Firstly, green plants carry a benefic, vitalising energy according to Feng Shui, but in addition, your garden is a storehouse of healing properties, which helps conduct a swirl of uplifting energies in and around your space.

Choose light-loving flowers that need a lot of light and warmth, because then you are equipping a room to absorb a lot of sunlight energy. Such plants can be placed on window openings and wide window sills, you can -space permitting- even organize a mini-greenhouse.

Handmade is Welcome

Designing with kung fu in mind, you can add exquisite decorative elements, for example, neat figurines in the form of dragons, goddess Kwan Yin, yin-yang symbols or bamboo products.

Other handmade items and accessories that will add harmony to your interior include: Oil paintings on natural canvas, wicker furniture and detailed decorations using bamboo or wood. To channel kung fu, consider the values that embody warrior-like character traits.

For straightforwardness and integrity, maximise use of space, restraint in decor, consistency of color schemes. For gracefulness, an exquisite fireplace and a staircase with marble trim. For impassivity, use calm colors.

For tenderness, it’s appropriate to add handmade, lace-like products to decor, like creative jewelry, embroidered warrior motifs on fabrics etc.

Kung fu Feng Shui will help to fill not only your rooms with a rich sense of harmony and aspirations for perfection, but it will also bring order to your developing warrior feelings and thoughts, setting them up for creativity and fruitful work. Now, be free to reflect on your ideals and the next step on your martial journey.

Now be free to imbibe the living energy and spirit of this philosophy: “Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation.” – Bruce Lee

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