Kung Fu Education: 10 Important Benefits You Should Know

Many teenagers today are learning kung fu because they fancy themselves as kung fu experts. This idea needs to be managed properly in their minds. Kung fu applies to Chinese people as well as anyone else interested in learning kung fu. So, why would you want to learn kung fu? To answer this question, follow on to find more in Kung Fu Education: 10 Important Benefits You Should Know!

1. Physical Exercise

Are you looking for an easy, engaging way to keep fit without having to go to the gym daily? Don’t worry, kung fu can massively help you in getting fit. Kung fu education teaches students how to do physical exercise drills with only rudimentary equipment or indeed, none at all.

Kung fu training and exhibitions demonstrated in schools and institutions can certainly inspire and excite you to get into it so that you can enjoy enhancing your general health.

2. Stay Healthy

It is actually very simple to live a healthy life. Just learn kung fu for a few months, and once you get into a solid routine, you will begin to see amazing results. Kung fu helps you manage your stress (hormonal and adrenaline) levels and keeps you fit, you will also often find that excess fat begins to melt as you build lean-but-functional muscle mass.

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3. Enhances Reflexes

Kung Fu education helps you to train your bodily reflexes. Most kung fu heroes you have seen support that the practice enhances your muscle memory, and also that the body can move on its own, through special qi gong life force practices.

4. Develops Self-Realization

‘Finding yourself’ internally through other physical exercises becomes challenging sometimes, but it’s easier with kung fu. As you continue to learn more about the practice, it becomes simple and clearer to you that there is so much more to explore than merely kicking and punching. The strategies learned from kung fu enable you to realize yourself internally.

This more permanent wisdom understanding is the real you. Once you try to become disciplined, you will soon realize that it will be part of your tradition or lineage and you would have, by this point, undergone several stages of growth.

5. Stress Management

Many research studies have revealed that martial arts is among the best strategies to manage and channel stress energies. It teaches you to concentrate in the moment, and focus your energy on solutions rather than your obstacles.

Learning kung fu will help you manage your stress levels and also assist in clearing out your mind. Some people have greatly benefited from learning kung fu. A good example is Hollywood actor, Robert Downey Jr. who praises wing chun kung fu – a practice which helped him quit his drug addiction and make better career decisions.

6. Self-Defence

Even though kung fu is described as a fighting art, one can just as easily use the moves learned to protect himself from danger. There are several schools that provide martial arts and you may decide to enroll on a starter class to learn about self-defense movements. By the end, you will learn how to train your physical body and mental states, thus resulting in greater levels of confidence. Students develop a sense of self-confidence through progressively demanding physical and mental techniques. Kung fu also teaches you how to handle difficult situations.

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7. Have Fun

Learning kung fu is a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable activity. Kung fu lessons can also readily be designed in a way that everyone can have fun and fully enjoy it.

8. Enhances Focus

The art of kung fu requires maximum attention in the pursuit of improving your physical body as well as developing fixity of mind (dharana) so you can concentrate fully on one thing at a time, at the same time.

9. Sense of Belonging

Through the training of kung fu, many people come together and support one another – becoming a family where everyone belongs. The act of getting together as a group and as one family, as Bruce Lee often said, helps to build true friendships, trust and support among teachers, masters, and trainees. It is a special, long-term, often lifelong relationship.

10. Boosts Self-Esteem

How will you feel when you become a kung fu hero? You can imagine, it will definitely feel good, right? Learning kung fu is one of the most effective ways to boost your own self-esteem, confidence and discipline. Several testimonials have been given by people who have gained self-confidence just from learning kung fu for a short period. To get effective results, Keep Calm and Learn Kung Fu!

Kung fu education has several health benefits that range from improving your physical body, to developing positive states of mind – it can definitely help shape your future for the better if you practice regularly.

You owe it to yourself to at least give it a try for a few weeks or months: learn about kung fu to keep your body, mind, life force and lifestyle strongly optimized, so you can enjoy an expanded awareness and get the most out of every day of your life!

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