Jack “Tank” Shore: Top 5 MMA Finishes

Jack Shore (aka “Tank”), born February 6th, 1995, is an undefeated, Welsh, professional mixed martial artist who currently competes in the UFC’s bantamweight division. Tapology currently has the 26 year-old Shore ranked as the 23rd best bantamweight in the world, and he looks to climb these rankings whilst maintaining his perfect record.

Tank, was encouraged by his father, Richard, to start kickboxing at the age of 6, and Jack has had his father in his corner ever since.

Jack’s fighting style is very well-balanced; however, the most impressive aspect of his game is his grappling prowess -him having a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu certainly doesn’t hurt either!- with amazing Khabib Nurmagomedov-like top pressure, where he often mauls his opponents into defeat which is highlighted by 8 of his 15 wins being via submission. Shore’s most notable wins have come against Aaron Phillips and Hunter Azure.

In recent fights, his stand-up skills have shown a lot of progress, with Shore becoming more technical with a good jab and distance control whilst also holding stoppage power, as demonstrated by his 4 TKO/KO victories.

Tank’s outstanding skill set is matched by only 3 of his 15 opponents making it to the decision – with all of them coming out on the losing end.

Shore, coming off a 10-0 amateur run, looked to remain unbeaten in his professional career where he debuted against Tyler Thomas in 2016, where Tank would take a first round rear-naked choke victory.

In just his second fight, Shore would debut in Cage Warriors against David Crol and history would repeat itself as Shore would get another first round rear-naked choke win.

Tank would then tear through the Cage Warriors roster, going 8-0 in the company before getting a shot at the Cage Warriors Vacant Bantamweight Championship against Mike Ekundayo, where Shore would be crowned king after a third round TKO victory.

Jack would go on to defend his Cage Warriors title once, against Scott Malone with a third-round submission win; this defence of his title taking Shore to 11-0, would earn him a contract with the UFC.

Only 3 years since his pro debut, and Shore would get his start in the UFC where he would finish Nohelin Hernandez in the third round.

Shore would continue his unbeaten streak, and after beating Liudvik Sholinian in his most recent bout, would take him to 4-0 in the UFC and 15-0 overall.

Shore last competed on September 4th, 2021, and after this win, called for someone in the Bantamweight rankings. Is the no.14-ranked Cody Stamann (who’s coming off 2 losses and hasn’t fought since May) a possibility for the budding Brit to take on?

Okay, so now you have a brief background into the Tank’s career, let’s target Jack Shore’s Top 5 MMA Finishes! (in descending order)

5. Vs. David Crol – Cage Warriors FC 76 (June 4, 2016)

Jack Shore vs David Crol

In just his second professional fight, Tank would make his debut in Cage Warriors laying claim to his great potential as one of Britain’s best up-and-comers.

In round 1, at just 5 seconds in, Shore clasps onto a leg, and before 10 seconds even elapse, Crol’s back is touching the canvas with Shore on top as he looks to pass his guard.

At 1:50 in, Tank secures full mount and unbridles some wicked strikes before taking Crol’s back.

At 2:30, Crol stands up with Shore latched to his back and does well not to tap to the choke attempt.

Shore releases the choke and quickly gets Crol back to the floor, and again works to get his rear-naked choke in, and this time is successful getting the tap at 3:36 into round 1.

An outstanding performance in this, just his second pro fight, showing Cage Warriors fans what he’s all about.

4. Vs. Alexandros Gerolimatos – Cage Warriors FC: AW (March 4, 2017)

In his fourth pro fight, Tank would take on Alexandros Gerolimatos, where he would safeguard his perfect record and make short work of it, defeating his opponent in just over 2 minutes.

In round 1, Shore immediately gets Gerolimatos to the ground to the delight of the Welsh fans in attendance; however, Gerolimatos is quickly able to get back to his feet, then he trips Shore to the ground.

He’s unable to hold this position for long before the excellent grappler that is Tank, reverses the position and sharply takes the mount.

As Gerolimatos tries to get back to his feet, he gives his back and looks to be wearing Shore like a backpack. Now Shore is able to sink in a choke and finish the fight at just 2:03 of round 1.

This fantastic win took Shore to 4-straight finishes, making it 3 rear-naked choke finishes in just 4 fights foreshadowing his signature, dangerous grappling game.

3. Vs. Konmon Deh – Cage Warriors FC 83 (May 6, 2017)

Jack Shore vs Konmon Deh

After a first round submission victory in his last fight and 4 straight finishes, Shore looked to continue this trend, but this time would take an arm rather than the head for his video-trophy reel.

In round 1, at 0:25 in, Tank blasts for a double leg, but Deh bounces up, before being taken down again.

This time, Shore traps Deh against the cage to control and limit his movement.

He is able to transition to half guard and land vicious elbows, and despite the best efforts of Deh trying to get up, Shore continues to maul him, and, at 3 minutes in, he takes full mount.

However, despite Shore’s complete control, Deh does well to limit the damage as he continues to move and show his resilience.

This all comes to an end however as, with 20 seconds left on the clock, Tank sets up an armbar which he is able to finish belly down with just 14 seconds of the round left.

A beautiful display by Tank with parallels to a Khabib-like performance as he completely controlled Deh and was able to get the finish.

2. Vs. Weslley Maia – Cage Warriors FC 97 (Sept. 29, 2018)

Jack Shore vs Weslley Maia

After a brief stint of travelling Europe for his last two fight destinations, Tank would return home back to Wales – this time to the capital, Cardiff, to show his skills at CW97.

In round 1, Maia comes out in an aggressive-yet-controlled manner, as he throws lightning-fast strikes, causing Shore to dive in for a takedown at 30 seconds in. He eventually gets the takedown after some arduous work 45 seconds after the initial takedown attempt.

As Tank passes Maia’s half-guard, he looks to escape from the bottom; however, in doing so, ends up giving Shore his back where Shore is able to rain down lethal strikes.

The heavy onslaught causes Maia to turn to his front, only for Shore to unleash elbows from the full mount, which close the show at 2:51 of round 1.

This finish over Maia gave Tank the claim of Cage Warriors – uncrowned king of the Bantamweight division – which would lead to a shot at the vacant belt in his next fight, against Mike Ekundayo.

1. Vs. Mike Ekundayo – Cage Warriors FC 100 (Dec. 8, 2018)

Jack Shore vs Mike Ekundayo

The budding 23 year-old at this time prospect, Jack Shore took on the unbeaten Mike Ekundayo for the vacant Cage Warriors Bantamweight title and demonstrated why he is the rightful king of the division.

In round 1 at 0:20 in, Ekundayo forces Shore up to the cage as he begins to land knees and clinch Shore against the fence. However, at a minute in, Shore reverses the position, quickly sweeping Ekundayo to the floor.

At 2:10, Shore moves to half guard and looks to squeeze on an arm triangle, yet Ekundayo does well to resist it.

After maintaining half guard for the majority of the fight, Shore is able to take Ekundayo’s back. With 1:15 left in the round, Jack looks to finish with a rear-naked choke but can’t quite get it under the chin, and Ekundayo is able to escape.

In round 2 at 0:10 in, Ekundayo looks to get his own takedown and does so successfully at 0:25, however, Shore shows great defence and neutralises any further offence from Ekundayo.

With 2 minutes left in the round, Shore uses his butterfly guard to sweep Ekundayo and catches his leg to secure the sweep and take top control.

At 50 seconds left, Shore gets Ekundayo’s back and has him flattened down, firing down ruthless strikes to steal the round after a good round-2 start from Ekundayo.

Round 3 commences, and Ekundayo looks to tie up however, he ends up being taken down himself instead at just 0:20 in.

Fairly shortly after at 1:40, Shore moves to mount and lands heavy strikes from above.

At 2:25, Shore again in this fight, has Ekundayo’s back with him flattened down, whilst Shore rains down brutal shots causing the referee to warn Ekundayo to protect himself – or the fight would be called off.

With a minute left in round 3, the exhausted Ekundayo tries to get back to his feet, but Shore takes the opportunity to scale his back, flatten him out and pound away. This caused the bout stoppage at 4:07 of round 3.

So there we have it folks, 5 of Jack Shore’s best MMA finishes!

With a pristine, and perfect record of 15 wins: 4 TKO / KO’s, 8 submissions, and ZERO losses, who do you think should be next for Jack Shore? Does he have what it takes to mix with the division’s ultra-competitive elite, to become a ranked fighter, and even a UFC champion? What’s your favourite “Tank” fight moment from the list above?

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