Ilia Topuria: Top 5 MMA Finishes

Prepare to be enthralled by the extraordinary skills and breathtaking finishes of Ilia Topuria, a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts.

Born on January 21st, 1997, in Halle Westfalen, Germany, Topuria has rapidly emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the featherweight division.

With an arsenal of techniques and a relentless fighting spirit, he has left his opponents stunned and fans in awe.

Born to Georgian parents, Topuria moved to Georgia at the age of seven and started practising Greco-Roman Wrestling at school. At 15, he relocated to Alicante, Spain, where he continued his martial arts journey at the Climent Club.

In the early stages of his career, Ilia Topuria achieved notable milestones that set him apart. Ilia claimed a championship belt in the prestigious Mix Fight Events promotion, cementing his status as a rising talent.

Also, alongside his brother Alex Topuria, he made history as the first Georgian to attain a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a remarkable achievement that showcases his dedication and prowess.

Notably, Topuria’s exceptional record of 13 victories speaks volumes about his style and approach to fighting. Out of these triumphs, only one has been decided by the judges, highlighting his relentless pursuit of decisive finishes.

With an impressive eight submissions and four knockouts, Topuria’s performances are a testament to his tenacity, technical brilliance, and undeniable skill inside the octagon.

Some may know him for his brilliant fighting record and furious finishes and some may know him for the ‘beef’ he has had with UFC star Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett.

Although a fight hasn’t been scheduled or fought between the two yet, a lot of MMA fans are waiting for this one to show up on a UFC fight card sooner rather than later. Here is a video on the two battling words (viewer discretion is advised).

A showdown between these two fighters in the octagon would undoubtedly be an epic battle. With their intriguing styles and widespread popularity, the clash would be highly anticipated.

In this article, however, our focus will be on Ilia’s electrifying performances and flawless execution that has become etched into the memories of fans.

Each triumph serves as a testament to Topuria’s immense skill, unwavering commitment and impressive submission techniques. So brace yourself for the mesmerising moments that have established him as a formidable contender in the world of MMA featherweights as we tackle Ilia Topuria’s Top 5 MMA Finishes! (in descending order)

5. Vs. Ryan Hall – UFC 264 (July 10, 2021)

Topuria and Ryan Hall are both elite jujitsu fighters and a lot of people were expecting this to be a ‘chess match’ of epic proportions. The fight didn’t end that way and instead, Ryan Hall made some questionable moves that would make you think, why?

One minute into the fight Hall tries a spinning back kick to the head which Topuria blocks and that’s when it begins – Ryan Hall rolls around like some kind of video game boss – an attempt at an imanari roll which Topuria does not fall for.

At 2:18 seconds on the clock, Topuria capitalised on Hall’s repetitive attempts and landed a powerful right hand just as Hall seemed poised to try the move once again.

Hall’s subsequent roll was feeble, leaving him on the ground with Topuria towering above, ready to reset the fight.

With one final failed imanari roll from Hall, it became evident that his efforts were diminishing. As the clock ticked down to just 20 seconds remaining in the round, Topuria grew frustrated with Hall’s constant presence on the ground and decided to go all out.
He dove in, finding his way underneath Hall’s right arm, creating space to deliver a series of repetitive punches to Hall’s face. The relentless assault resulted in a knockout victory at 4:47.

4. Vs. Brian Bouland – Cage Warriors 94 (June 16, 2018)

In round one, right from the start, Topuria wasted no time in closing the distance and engaging with his opponent Brian Bouland.

With lightning speed, he executed a flawless double-leg takedown, bringing Bouland to the canvas just seconds into the fight.

Bouland showed resilience by attempting to roll out of the north-south position that Topuria had initially gained. However, Topuria demonstrated his superior grappling skills by skilfully transitioning to Bouland’s back.

Seizing the opportunity, Topuria locked in a relentless anaconda choke, refusing to let go. Bouland valiantly tried to escape by flipping his legs, but Topuria’s determination and strength prevailed.

The crowd could sense the intensity as the pressure from the anaconda choke mounted, leaving Bouland with no choice but to submit. Topuria’s anaconda choke did want some in this fight [pun intended] and it ended at 1:39. A beautiful finish.

3. Vs. Luis Gomez – Brave CF 26 (Sept. 7, 2019)

Topuria began this fight with a clever feint, luring Gomez into a false sense of security before launching a powerful attack. Just 18 seconds into the bout, he initiated a lightning-fast double-leg takedown, expertly pinning Gomez against the cage.

With a firm grip on his opponent’s leg, Topuria swiftly transitioned to full mount, unleashing a barrage of devastating elbows and straight punches from above. However, Topuria’s dominance didn’t stop there.

In a display of remarkable technique, Topuria seamlessly manoeuvred his way from the top mount, deftly shifting his legs and securing a tight grip on Gomez.

With precision and grace, he executed a beautiful triangle straight armbar submission. Astonishingly, this incredible display of submission mastery took just 1:15 seconds to complete, leaving the audience in awe of Topuria’s skill and finesse.

2. Vs. Bryce Mitchell – UFC 282 (Dec. 10, 2022)

Both of these undefeated fighters stepped into the ring, but only one emerged with their perfect record still intact. And if you’ve been following my list, it’s no surprise that Ilia Topuria was the one who came out on top.

Right from the opening bell, Topuria displayed his aggression, launching a barrage of strikes while skilfully eluding Mitchell’s attempts to maintain distance with his kicks.

Then, at the 2:26 mark, Bryce attempted a single-leg takedown, but Ilia quickly seized hold of his opponent, keeping himself balanced on one knee against the cage.

Despite Bryce’s strong efforts to bring Ilia down, the determined fighter managed to posture up against the cage and deftly evade it, ending up in a face-off from the centre of the cage. Another double-leg attempt near the end of the round didn’t yield much as the clock ticked down.

Moving into the subsequent round, Topuria wasted no time showcasing his intentions, launching a powerful right hand.

At 3:40 on the clock, Mitchell responded with a rapid-fire combination of right, left, right, and left punches, followed by a left head kick that seemed to connect with Ilia but failed to faze him.

Then, at 3:28, Ilia displayed his slick head movement, slipping Mitchell’s jabs and countering with a devastating uppercut and straight punch that visibly rocked his opponent.

Seizing the opportunity, Ilia pursued Mitchell to the ground, securing a headlock and skilfully transitioning around his side, utilizing his leg and hip strength.

Although Bryce managed to escape, an enthralling exchange ensued, featuring a knee from Bryce and a plush landing of Ilia’s right straight and left hook.

Eventually, Ilia succeeded in taking Bryce down as he attempted a double-leg takedown. Employing his hip strength, Ilia established side control and, with a slick manoeuvre, dipped his left arm underneath Bryce’s neck, locking in an arm-triangle choke.

The execution of this fantastic finish occurred in round 2, at 3:10 winning Ilia the Performance of the Night!

1. Vs. Jai Herbert – UFC FN 204 (March 19, 2022)

The initial moments of this fight didn’t bode well for Topuria.

With 4 minutes and 18 seconds on the clock, barely a minute into the bout, he unleashed his trademark right overhand. However, Jai Herbert seemed to have anticipated this move and entered the fight well-prepared, countering with a thunderous left roundhouse kick to the face.

In that split second, it appeared as though it could spell the end for Ilia. Yet, displaying his tenacity, Topuria swiftly grabbed hold of Herbert’s leg, and grappling with all his might, managed to take him to the cage, executing a powerful slam to the ground. Despite the round feeling like an eternity for Ilia, Jai Herbert comfortably secured the win in that round.

As round two commenced, the pace slowed down initially. However, the knockout that followed was sudden, explosive, and ruthless, occurring at just 1:07 into the round. The liver shot, followed by the devilish right overhand from Ilia ended this fight in convincing style.

This victory and knockout achieved by Topuria became even more extraordinary, especially considering the challenging start he encountered in this fight.

Ilia Topuria’s top 5 finishes highlight his dynamic skill set, combining striking precision, grappling dominance, and an unwavering determination to secure victories.

With each fight, he continues to elevate his profile and leave a lasting impact on the MMA world. As Topuria’s career progresses, fans eagerly anticipate his future fights and the possibility of witnessing even more spectacular finishes.

So there we have it folks, 5 of Ilia Topuria’s best MMA finishes!

As a rising star in the featherweight division, Ilia has showcased his technical prowess, dominant performances, and devastating finishes propelling him towards the elite. What are your favourite fights from the list above? Let us know in the comments below; Like, share and join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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