How to Protect Your Teeth as a Martial Artist

Like any physical activity, martial arts carry inherent hazards and risks. The art includes a wide range of contact fighting moves that could damage your most sensitive body parts, including your pearly whites. Follow on to learn How to Protect Your Teeth as a Martial Artist!

Wear Mouth Protection

Nearly every form of martial arts involves impact on the body that can easily affect the health of your teeth. Even a quick jostle around the mat can cause your teeth to grind and chip, potentially triggering and progressing a multitude of tooth and jaw complications.

Furthermore, high-intensity sports like mixed martial arts carry the risk of sustaining tooth issues from a blow to the face. That’s why all MMA fighters wear a combination of a mouth guard and face shield when training and fighting.

Ultimately, you should wear some form of mouth guard—preferably a hard, plastic guard a dentist designs for your mouth—when practising martial arts. Additionally, young martial artists should always use the best type of oral protection when practising, as their developing teeth are more vulnerable to damage.

Practice Proper Oral Hygiene and Maintenance

Did you know that simply practising proper oral hygiene and maintenance enhances the durability of your teeth and reduces the chances of suffering from complications? Healthy gums and teeth are naturally stronger and better designed at absorbing shock, trauma, and blunt force.

Conversely, a neglected mouth most likely contains some degree of tooth decay already, meaning the protective oral elements (enamel, dental pulp, etc.) are compromised and are possibly degrading.

Durability is just one of the many benefits of regular tooth cleaning services. It may seem minor, but preventative oral maintenance is potentially your best defence against future dental problems and tooth emergencies.

Practice Safe Fighting Habits

Martial arts are all about discipline and respect, two virtues that are absolutely necessary when fighting another student or competitor. Respecting your opponent by displaying restraint ensures a safer, more productive, and supremely enjoyable experience for both parties.

Basically, never unleash 100 percent of your fighting skills on your opponent, especially when practising in a class or gym setting. More specifically, avoid landing tooth-dislodging hits on your opponent, and they will extend the same courtesy to you.

Understanding how to protect your teeth as a martial artist ensures a more enjoyable and productive experience and better oral health overall! Wear mouth protection, take care of your teeth, and practice safe fighting habits to keep your pearly whites safe and sound!

What do you believe are the best ways for martial artists to protect their teeth? Let us know in the comments below!

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