How Martial Arts Can Improve Lung Function

Everyone needs to exercise, and one form of exercise that’s ever growing in popularity is martial arts. This popularity comes from the mental and physical benefits of martial arts exercises. One of the best physical benefits of practicing martial arts is how they can improve lung function.

While everyone can benefit from improved lung function, people with lung diseases can experience the most benefits from these exercises. Continue on to learn how these improvement benefits happen and how to unlock them.

Martial Arts Breathing

We are constantly breathing to stay alive. Martial arts require a specific type of breathing that can improve lung function. When practicing martial arts, you must breathe in a deep, controlled way, often in through the nose and out through the mouth. It may or may not surprise you, but even iconic Hollywood movie stars like Dolph Lundgren suffered from lung conditions such as asthma!

These deep, controlled breaths with specific inhale and exhale techniques expand the lungs and bronchial tubes, leading to better lung capacity. If you have a lung disease that makes you constantly feel out of breath, martial arts breathing exercises can help your lungs perform better.

Anaerobic Exercise

Martial arts are considered anaerobic exercise, which means you perform quick, short bursts of physical activity that contract the muscles. You’re contracting your muscles so quickly during anaerobic exercise that your body uses energy from those muscles instead of oxygen to fuel the activity.

While this may sound like a way to get out of breath and hurt your lungs, the opposite is true. These exercises strengthen your heart and muscles, including respiratory muscles. You’ll breathe easier and increase your stamina.

Martial Arts and Oxygen Users

Martial arts are for everyone, including those on oxygen. You may think that since you use oxygen, your lungs can’t take the strain of martial arts. However, if you talk to your doctor and work at a safe pace, you can still participate in martial arts.

Ask your doctor about the most common oxygen flow rates for anaerobic exercises such as martial arts and what flow rate you should use to perform these activities. You can safely reap the health and breathing benefits of martial arts!

Martial arts can improve lung function in people with lung diseases on oxygen therapy and for people who breathe without assistance. You can even practice martial arts breathing exercises when you’re not performing actual martial arts, improving lung function throughout your daily life!

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