Happy Birthday Mark Dacascos!

Happy Birthday to Mark Dacascos! Born on this day in Hawaii 1964, Mark turns 51 today!

Between the ages of 7 and 18 he had won numerous karate and kung-fu championships. A talented martial artist, Mark is also an actor and television personality having competed in Dancing with the Stars and appearing as “The Chairman” in Iron Chef America. His most notable films include Crying Freeman, Only the StrongDrive (1997), and Brotherhood of the Wolf. You can read a bit more about him in our profile here.

Stay tuned for a fascinating interview with Mark’s legendary martial artist mother Malia Bernal Dacascos coming soon!

You can keep current with Mark on his official Facebook page or Twitter account.

Here’s a cool tribute trailer on YouTube:

Movie Trailer


Elliot Richards

Elliot is KFK's Web Content Editor, writer and lover of all kinds of movies, including martial arts ones. Favourites include The Prodigal Son, Magnificent Butcher, The Victim, Legend of a Fighter and the Ip Man movies with Donnie Yen.

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  1. By the looks u would think he’s around 30’s or so. I guess it’s result of his diet,attitude & training. He is & always been underrated actor and can’t wait to see Ultimate Justice & support with BR purchase 🙂 Wish safe year for Mark Dacascos 🙂 Only the Strong,Brotherhood of the Wolf & Capoeira <3

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