Flying Shadow: Mike Moh & Alain Moussi On Board!

Dimitri Logothetis first garnered the attention of martial arts fans with his role as writer and producer of 2016’s “Kickboxer: Vengeance”, a modern update of 1989’s “Kickboxer” with Alain Moussi as Kurt Sloan and Jean-Claude Van Damme returning in the mentor role of Durand.

Logethitis returned in the director’s chair for the 2018 sequel “Kickboxer: Retaliation” and 2020’s sci-fi action movie “Jiu Jitsu”, and is soon set to get rolling again on the upcoming action film “Flying Shadow”. As reported by City On Fire, “Flying Shadow” is currently in pre-production, with both Alain Moussi and Mike Moh boarding the actioner!

The Rundown on “Flying Shadow”

Per City on Fire’s report, “Flying Shadow” will focus on a superpowered sword bearing the same name, with Secret Service agent Travis (David Guintoli) and fellow security expert Ling (Mike Moh) being tasked with recovering it.

The plot is set to also involve a plot on the American President’s life, and while Alain’s role has not been revealed, it sounds like a good bet that he could be one of the movie’s villains.

Another Mike Moh-Alain Moussi Team-Up Sounds Promising!

Both Mike Moh and Alain Moussi have been rising martial arts stars for some time. Mike first got his break-out in 2014’s “Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist” and in the 2016 follow-up “Street Fighter: Resurrection” as Ryu, and most recently he kicked butt alongside Mark Dacascos, Teresa Ting, and Anna Akana in “Blade of the 47 Ronin”.

Alain, meanwhile, portrayed Kurt Sloan in the aforementioned “Kickboxer” reboot films, while also leading the ensemble of “Jiu Jitsu”.

Alain was also seen alongside Mike as Charlie Nash in “Street Fighter: Resurrection”, with their fight in the series showing their capabilities together in an action scene.

With Dimitri Logothetis’ own martial arts pedigree in his prior films and background in Tang Soo Do and Kenpo Karate, “Flying Shadow” should hopefully bring quite a lot of the magic of Mike and Alain’s individual work and their “Street Fighter: Resurrection” match-up back into the game!

What’s Next For Mike & Alain – More “Street Fighter”?

Outside of “Flying Shadow”, “Street Fighter” fans might also be curious about Mike Moh and Alain Moussi making a potential return to the “Street Fighter” franchise.

While “Assassin’s Fist” co-creators Joey Ansah and Christian Howard had previously all but gotten the ball rolling on a follow-up series “Street Fighter: World Warrior”, behind-the-scenes issues with the “Street Fighter” rights led to the series falling into limbo.

With the recent news that the rights to “Street Fighter” have been acquired by Legendary, one certainly hopes that the studio contacts Mike, Joey and Alain since they’re so well dialed-in with the characters and franchise to have potential discussions about finally realizing “World Warrior”!

In any case, Mike and Alain bringing their talents as martial artists to “Flying Shadow” is sure to excite martial arts fans, while Joey Ansah himself will also be seen in Isaac Florentine’s upcoming action movie “Hounds of War”, alongside Frank Grillo, Mike Moh, Robert Patrick, and Rhona Mitra.

Moreover, with the cliffhanger ending of “Blade of the 47 Ronin”, there could even be a third Mike Moh-Alain Moussi duel on the cards in the future if the stars align!

Stay tuned for more details on “Flying Shadow” as it descends!

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