Devil May Cry 5 (2019)

Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Action-adventure, Hack-and-slash
Year: 2019


Alongside “Street Fighter” and “Resident Evil”, “Devil May Cry” is among the most successful and popular franchises Capcom has ever produced, and after the introduction of the new protagonist ‘Nero’ in “Devil May Cry 4”, the DMC saga returned with the release of “Devil May Cry 5”.


“Devil May Cry 5” retains the stylish, fast-paced, demon-slaying action the franchise is known for. Much like its predecessors, “Devil May Cry 5” equips players with at least a melee weapon and a projectile weapon, and encourages creativity with the attacking combinations thanks to the trademark style-rating system.

There are a few changes to “Devil May Cry 5” as compared to its predecessors. Whereas the previous games always exhibited an eerie feel, the vibe for DMC 5 feels more akin to that of “Final Fantasy XV”. In addition, joining our devil-hunting heroes, Nero and the ever-charismatic Dante, is the mysterious ‘V’, as the trio takes down main antagonist Urizen as well as a demonic tree called the Qliphoth, which kills and feeds on humans for their blood.

Devil May Cry 5: Nero’s Full Theme (Devil Trigger)

While each of the playable characters are unique and fun to use in their own way, perhaps the character that stood out the most has always been Dante, despite his old age. Dante has the most diverse arsenal, the widest variety of weapons and is the only character who could switch between styles such as Swordmaster and Gunslinger that alter his moveset.

Furthermore, those who seek to make full use of the game’s style-rating system are in luck as they have the luxury of the game helping them automatically switch between weapons (and styles with the case of Dante) that are deemed most viable at any given moment. Therefore, players do not have to manually perform much of the work on their end. Unfortunately, diehard fans will lament the fact that the game’s final boss and Dante’s evil twin brother, ‘Vergil’, is not playable.

Martial Arts

The combat in “Devil May Cry 5” is most resemblant of that in any fantasy anime.

Dante, Nero, and V each utilize a unique fighting style that aids them throughout the story, so they could all technically be considered martial artists. Dante and Nero are both sword and gun masters at the very least.

As the game starts, you play as Nero, who is equipped with the Red Queen sword, the Blue Rose revolver, and various robotic arms collectively called the Devil Breakers.

Long-Range Techniques, Combos & Gun-Fu

With the Red Queen sword, Nero’s moveset range from lightning-fast slashes to slower but stronger slashes as well as long-range techniques, all of which Nero efficiently mixes up in various combinations. Nero also employs some gun-fu with the Blue Rose, managing to shoot his enemies even while airborne, which could be vouched for by both the gameplay and action choreography.

There are different kinds of Devil Breakers, each of which has its own capabilities, and Nero could equip as much as his magazine would allow. With any Devil Breaker, Nero could perform a palm heel strike that sends his enemies flying or a launch a spear that drags his enemies to him (aka a Wire Snatch), much like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

Devil May Cry 5: Goliath Boss Fight

After completing the first 3 missions, players finally get to play as V. However, unlike Dante or Nero, V does not utilize much hand-to-hand combat. Instead, he summons demons: Shadow, a panther-like demon that serves as V’s melee attack and can shapeshift into various weapons such as spikes, claws and bayonets; Griffon, an eagle-like demon that serves as V’s projectile attack and shoots lightning; and Nightmare, which is summoned through V’s demonic power and is much like the Juggernaut from X-Men. The only action we see out of V is when he stabs enemies with his cane and side-kicks them as they turn to dust.

Dante Combines Taekwondo & Capoeira Skills

Halfway through the game, players finally get to use the franchise’s most beloved icon, Dante. With his diverse and ever-evolving arsenal, Dante has a moveset that is most reflective of martial arts as we know it. It is a no-brainer among fans that Dante is, of course, a master of his signature blades Rebellion and Sparda, and there is one combination where Dante rapidly thrusts his sword forward like a fencer. Players could also equip Dante with a pair of metal gauntlets and boots known as the Balrog, which allows Dante to showcase some unarmed techniques.

Whenever Dante uses his fists he displays some solid boxing skills as he throws swift and powerful punches, adopts the Philly shell defense, and utilizes a little head movement.

Whenever Dante resorts to his legs, he demonstrates some flashy kicks and tricks most resemblant of Taekwondo and Capoeira (and it suits his personality well). In addition Dante shows off slick gun-fu skills with his trademark revolvers Ebony and Ivory, and players get to see more of this skillset using his Gunslinger style.

Motorcycle Battles à la The Villainess & John Wick!

As the game progresses, Dante gets equipped with a motorcycle called the Cavaliere, which Dante could split in half and use as major double blades to deal serious damage. Heck, a motorcycle battle between Dante and The Villainess or John Wick should be added to a main card! Near the end of the game, Dante crosses paths with a familiar foe, the Cerberus. Dante exhibits the spirit of Bruce Lee before engaging in combat and once the Cerberus is defeated, Dante is given a three-section staff of the same name, but Dante uses it more like a nunchaku as well as a bo staff.

As for the non-playable characters, Dante’s brother Vergil wields the Yamato, which is basically a katana, or samurai sword. Vergil also displays some samurai-esque mannerisms such as when he performs a hara kiri-like technique to split himself from his human half. Dante’s female companions Lady and Trish have not showcased any fighting abilities in the game, but those who have at least played through Devil May Cry 1 and 3 would know that they are both worth much more credit than DMC 5 has given them.

In the introduction of DMC 1, Trish proved her swordswomanship and effective use of punches and kicks against Dante. Throughout DMC 3, Lady used her gun fu and acrobatic skills to fight her way to the top of the tower, even giving Dante a run for his money.


“Devil May Cry 5” proves itself to be another explosive and worthy addition to the already impressive Devil May Cry series. As a game that mixes hack-and-slash with some shoot-em-up action, “Devil May Cry 5” reigns supreme.

The addition of V is a rather unique and interesting concept as he relies mainly on his pet companions to deal with whatever dirty laundry is thrown at him. Although Dante has aged, his skills haven’t as he is still the same, if not better – and let’s not forget it was Dante that attracted fans to DMC in the first place.


  • This is the first game in which the character ‘Vergil’ is unplayable ever since his debut in “Devil May Cry 3”.

Game Rating: 9/10

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