3 Tips for Reducing Soreness After Sparring

The best way to improve your fighting technique is through practice, and sparring can enhance your skills. However, the activity may cause soreness, so you’ll need to heal quickly.

Here are some tips to reduce soreness after sparring and to help you reach your best form for your next match!

1. Don’t Skip Cool-Downs

Warm-ups are important before a sparring session, and it’s just as important to perform cool-down exercises afterwards. Cool-downs taper off the activity in your body. These relaxed exercises will significantly reduce strains, letting you ease into a state of rest instead of crashing after a sparring session that required your undivided attention.

Use cool-down exercises such as a five-minute walk to relax your body. Stretching will help your blood vessels expand and allow more chemicals to flow through, such as endorphins for pain and cortisol for inflammation. Walk at a slow pace to regulate your heart rate and keep the blood pumping to the arms and legs.

2. Use the R.I.C.E Method Often

The R.I.C.E method covers most of the necessary recovery steps to recover from soreness. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation are essential to recovering from pain, and you’ll reduce your soreness after sparring by regularly following this method. Resting can prevent muscle tension where the soreness could last for days.

Ice will reduce inflammation by decreasing your blood flow, which causes the area to swell from the amount of blood. Compress it to reduce swelling and regulate blood flow. Wrap the affected area with a fabric bandage, and make sure it’s snug but not too tight that it cuts off circulation.

Elevate the affected area above the heart to reduce blood pressure that may cause the pain to persist. While these methods help reduce swelling, they aren’t always necessary. Depending on your injury, you may only need rest, ice, and elevation. The R.I.C.E method will cover most light injuries, but you should use your best judgment around your recovery.

3. Consider Alternative Medicine

If you want a more natural way of healing, alternative medicines can reduce your soreness. Supplements and natural herbs may improve your body’s natural ability to heal.

Some homeopathic remedies can ease persistent pain when soreness lingers for days, such as ferrum phosphoricum or Calcarea phosphoric. You can reduce stress on your body by focusing on relaxation during your recovery. Reduced stress can resolve soreness since your body isn’t all tensed up.

You can reduce stress and get back to your regular sparring sessions in many ways. Use these tips to relieve your pain so you’ll feel spry when you next step onto the mat!

Which ways do you believe are best for reducing soreness after combat sparring? Let us know in the comments below!

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