American Shaolin

american shaolin

Book review of American Shaolin; in 1992 Matthew Polly went to China, to the Shaolin Temple, to learn Kung Fu from the fabled masters. This is his story.

Bloodsport (1988)


A jumping helicopter kick is a maneuver that requires tremendous skill and dedication to pull off, as anyone who can execute the technique will tell you. The same applies to an even greater degree to ...

The Power Within (2007)

the power within

The Power Within - Shaolin Qi Gong Ba Duan Jing (2007) Shifu Shi Yanzi, Master of the United Kingdom Shaolin Temple, demonstrates Shaolin Qi Gong techniques. Ba Duan Jing is made up of eight ...

My Stunts (1999)

my stunts

Documentary looking at Jackie Chan’s particular style of action and how he performs his stunts. Trailer Cast Obviously, Jackie Chan is the main attraction here. ...

Waking Dragons

waking dragons

A book review of Waking Dragons by Goran Powell; his martial arts story, from boy to man, and the events that led to taking the feared Thirty Man Kumite.

Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)

brotherhood of the wolf

"French Historical Drama Martial Arts Monster Movie" is as unusual a genre combo as you're likely to stumble across in your Netflix queue any time soon, but if you did, you can count on "Brotherhood ...

My Story (1998)

my story1

Documentary profiling the life and career of Hong Kong action star, Jackie Chan. Trailer Cast This film is all about its star, Jackie Chan. However, there are notable ...

Bloodmoon (1997)


There are three primary distinguishing factors at work in “Bloodmoon”. The first is that most fans will generally agree that it’s Gary Daniels' best film. The second is that it’s one of the last ...

Merantau (2009)


Before the head-slamming hallway battles, machete-wielding criminal underlings, and bloodthirsty psychopaths unfazed by fluorescent light bulbs jutting out of their necks found in “The Raid”, Gareth ...

Ninja (2009)

Ninja movie review

“Scott Adkins plays a ninja” – those words alone are a strong enough incentive to sit back and give “Ninja” a look. The fourth collaboration of Scott Adkins and Isaac Florentine, “Ninja” is a good ...

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