Top 3 MMA Finishes from ONE on Prime Video 4

The Singapore-based MMA promotion, One Championship has been making huge moves recently. With the addition of submission-grappling competitions, One Championship has taken a step further to cement itself as the ultimate martial arts promotion, attracting an even more diverse range of martial artists.

Furthermore, One Championship has recently collaborated with Amazon Prime to put on extra events for fans around the world. ONE on Prime Video 4 did not disappoint. With its card full of champions, former champions and contenders, it made for a highly-memorable event.

The main and co-main events featured a pair of clashes among champions, with new Muay Thai strawweight champion, Joseph Lasiri challenging the legend, Rodtang Jitmuangnon for his flyweight title and lightweight champion Christian Lee challenging Kiamrian Abbasov for the welterweight title in order to become One’s fourth double champion!

So, without further ado, let’s get into the Top 3 MMA Finishes from ONE on Prime Video 4! (in descending order)

3. Cosmo Alexandre vs. Juan Cervantes

Three years after knocking out UFC veteran, Sage Northcutt in a stunning 26 seconds in MMA, Cosmo Alexandre made his return to the ring for one last stand.

With a 42-15-1 record in Muay Thai and an 8-1 record in MMA, Alexandre fought Juan Cervantes, who was 33-12-1 in Muay Thai.

Cervantes dominated over round 1, constantly moving and keeping the Brazilian at a distance mostly with roundhouse kicks, teeps and combinations.

Alexandre, on the other hand, was mostly trying to walk Cervantes down and rarely threw anything. He didn’t land his first shot until 1:38, which came in the form of a power right hand that sparked a reaction from the crowd.

Cervantes continued keeping Alexandre at bay with long-range weapons, and at 2:10 Cosmo countered an advancing Cervantes with a check left hook.

At 2:38, Alexandre pushed Cervantes to the end of the ring and landed another left hook that was powerful enough to force Cervantes to clinch with him.

Despite a low blow from Cervantes with less than 10 seconds left of round 1, Cosmo’s power shots were a foreboding of the eventual outcome of the fight…

In round 2, Cervantes continued landing in volume, with long range strikes to keep Alexandre from advancing.

At 1:09, the referee called for more action, and Alexandre immediately landed a right overhand, forcing a clinch where Alexandre put Cervantes out with a tight, upward elbow at 1:11.

With Cervantes failing to make the 10-count, the fight officially ended at 1:23 of round 2.

This high-impact finish earned Cosmo a $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus.

2. Danielle Kelly vs. Mariia Molchanova

In ONE on Prime Video 3, there was the classic BJJ vs. Sambo rivalry in the form of Kade Ruotolo vs. Uali Kurzhev for the inaugural lightweight championship.

The tradition continued in One on Prime Video 4, this time between BJJ standout Danielle Kelly and 4-time Sambo world champion, Mariia Molchanova.

Kelly held an impressive BJJ record of 19-7-1, having competed against the likes of former UFC champions Carla Esparza and Rose Namajunas in submission grappling.

The moment the bell rang, Kelly immediately took center stage, sat on the floor and pulled the Russian into her guard.

At 0:30, Kelly, with her legs still wrapped around Molchanova, attacked the back, and transitioned her legs into a body triangle. Staying in that position, she started attempting a rear-naked choke at 0:40. At 2:00, Molchanova finally stood up, but Kelly was still wrapped onto her like a human backpack.

At 2:08, Molchanova fell back onto the canvas. She tried resisting a little longer, but ended up tapping at 2:15.

Such a noteworthy finish earned Kelly a $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus.

1.  Christian Lee vs. Kiamrian Abbasov

To say that the phenom, Christian Lee became a two-division champion is an understatement. His performance in this fight is a true epitome of heart.

With a record of 16-4 and 15 finishes, Lee faced the 22-5 Kiamrian Abbasov, who was stripped of the welterweight title after failing to make weight. Abbasov’s previous fight was against middleweight champion Reinier De Ridder for the middleweight title.

At the touch of gloves in round 1, Abbasov went all guns blazing, chasing Lee down with punches. Although Lee fought back while on the retreat, it did little to stop the advancing Abbasov, until Lee secured a body-lock grip at 0:50.

The two broke up from the clinch at 1:16. Nonetheless, Lee went for a body lock again and secured a takedown at 1:31. Abbasov, however, scrambled to get on top of Lee at 1:54.

The two got back to their feet immediately, and Lee landed a clean one-two at 2:23, quickly following with a cross hook. This time, Lee walked Abbasov down, until Abbasov knocked him flat on the canvas with a one-two at 2:59. Lee got back up at 3:07, but was still hurt.

Abbasov continued chasing Lee down with punches in the hope of finishing the fight, but to no avail, as Lee stopped Abbasov with a double-leg takedown attempt that pushed Abbasov to the end of the ring.

Lee transitioned into a trip to bring Abbasov to the ground again at 4:28, and kept him there for the remainder of the round.

Round 2 began with Abbasov fading. This time, it was Lee pushing forward before taking Abbasov down with a body lock takedown at 1:04. From there, Lee went to full mount and began raining ground and pound.

At 1:51, Abbasov scrambled back up to his feet and landed punches of his own, but Lee continued landing flurries of strikes as at the beginning of the round. By this time, it was obvious that both fighters were really tired with the pace slowing drastically.

Round 3 was all on the feet. In the words of commentator Mitch Chilson, it had definitely become a “war of attrition,” with both fighters exchanging strikes and Lee getting the better of most exchanges.

Round 4 started pretty much the same. Both fighters continued duking it out on the feet despite how fatigued they were. Christian was still getting the better of his exchanges as he was more explosive than Abbasov.

By 2:38, Lee was landing one leg kick after another on Abbasov’s lead leg. Lee kept pressing forward and was then, from 3:34, landing one elbow after another.

By 3:51, Lee secured a double-leg takedown into full mount. He proceeded with ground and pound, mostly with driving elbows, and by 4:20 former UFC referee, Herb Dean stepped in to stop the fight, thus making Lee the new Welterweight Champion.

This hard-fought effort earned Lee a well-deserved $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus.

So there we have it folks, 3 of the best MMA finishes from the ONE on Prime Video 4 event!

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