Shawn Yue

Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)

Dragon Tiger Gate 2006 Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Review of ““Dragon Tiger Gate” (2006) a Hong Kong martial-arts film based on manhua title “Oriental Heroes”. Stars Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse & Shawn Yue, directed by Wilson Yip.

Dragon Squad (2005)

Dragon Squad 2005 Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Review of “Dragon Squad” (2005). An explosive, star-studded Hong Kong action thriller starring Vanness Wu, Sammo Hung, Michael Biehn, Maggie Q and Simon Yam.

The Brink (2017)

The Brink 2017 Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Review of “The Brink” (2017) Max Zhang Jin's leading role debut in this gale force action thriller, directed by Jonathan Li.

Reign of Assassins (2010)

Reign of Assassins

A "wuxia" film directed by Su Chao-pin and co-directed by John Woo, set during the Ming Dynasty. The film was released as "Dark Stone" in some terrorities. Trailer Cast ...

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