Gary Daniels

Farewell, Berlin Wall coming soon!

Farewell Berlin Wall

When most of us hear the mention of the Berlin Wall, we think of the moment that marked the definitive end of the Cold War in the late 1980's. However, that term will carry a very different meaning ...

Misfire (2014)


Action thriller set in Mexico starring Gary Daniels and directed by R. Ellis Frazer. Trailer Cast British-born kickboxing champion Gary Daniels plays Cole, a ...

Bloodmoon (1997)


There are three primary distinguishing factors at work in “Bloodmoon”. The first is that most fans will generally agree that it’s Gary Daniels' best film. The second is that it’s one of the last ...

Trailer for Tekken prequel arrives!

kane kosugi featured image

There’s been much hemming and hawing in the past few months over the release date of the upcoming “Tekken” prequel, based upon the highly-popular "Tekken" fighting game series. However, fans can at ...

New Gary Daniels trailers!


British action star Gary Daniels isn't anywhere near slowing down! Having just recently established an official Facebook page, Daniels has no less than three upcoming action flicks on the horizon ...

Happy Birthday Gary Daniels!

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Happy Birthday to Gary Daniels who turns 51 today and doesn't look a day over...30! Well, martial arts keeps one young. He's a martial artist, action actor and fight choreographer. Gary's most ...

Kung-fu Kingdom