Sharabutdin Magomedov: Top 5 Finishes

‘The Pirate is here!’ – Get ready to witness the sheer dominance and technical prowess of Sharabutdin Magomedov, a rising star enigma in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Hailing from Dagestan but fighting out of Moscow, Russia, Magomedov has carved out a name for himself with his relentless pressure, striking expertise, and impressive finishes.

Born on May 16th, 1994, and standing 6’2″ tall, Magomedov dedicated his life to honing his skills and establishing himself as one of the most formidable up-and-coming fighters in the middleweight division.

Magomedov boasts an impressive 11-fight win streak, with only one victory decided by a judge’s decision and zero losses. The rest have come by way of devastating KO/TKO. He possesses a lethal repertoire of knees, elbows, kicks, and punches, frequently leaving his opponents unable to go the distance.

Nicknamed the “Shara Bullet,” this one-eyed assassin could easily be mistaken for a perfect Bond villain. Magomedov not only possesses an impressive array of striking techniques but also boasts a well-rounded takedown defence.

Dubbed “Barbarossa” by his former coach, he fully embraces the image of a legendary pirate, boldly claiming that he has arrived to “take all the treasures, all the money, all the fame” from any opponent he faces.

Setting himself apart from other fighters, Shara Bullet’s flashy style and ability to approach strikes from unique angles make him a captivating force to witness in the octagon.

Despite being involved in a brawl at a Russian mall, which some have claimed delayed his debut into the UFC, fans eagerly anticipate Shara Bullet’s first fight at UFC 294 on October 21st, in the UAE against Derek Brunson. We are all eager to witness the full extent of this talented middleweight fighter’s capabilities.

We’ll look into exceptional abilities that are leaving an indelible mark on the MMA landscape as we speak. See, each fight represents a testament to his technical prowess, relentless pressure, and unwavering determination to secure unique angles, securing victory.

So, without further ado, let’s plunge into the exciting moves that have solidified this fighter as a force to be reckoned with in the middleweight division in

Sharabutdin Magomedov’s Top 5 MMA Finishes! (in descending order)

5. Vs. Sergei Martynov – RCC: Intro 22 (Aug. 13, 2022)

In the opening round, we witness a dangerous low Magomedov kick that serves as the initial blow to start the process of demolishing his opponent, like chopping down a tree.

Gradually, it weakens the core of his opponent while setting the stage for subsequent roundhouse kicks. At the 3:46 mark, Sergei executes a well-timed straight counter with his right hand, intercepting Shara’s low kick. However, Shara remains unfazed, persistently mixing up his attacks.

Then, at 3:12 on the clock, he unveils a combination of a low kick and then a beautiful sidekick to the abdomen.

Throughout this round, both fighters appear focused on deciphering each other’s strategies and finding their striking range. They navigate the cage, occasionally unleashing combinations with patience, but Shara effectively utilises his kicks to maintain distance.

At 0:52 on the clock, a lightning-fast spinning backhand is executed by Shara, an impressive move that requires rewinding and slow-motion viewing to fully appreciate. Fortunately for Sergei, he manages to evade the full impact of the strike. Towards the end of the round, the visible reddening of Sergei’s lead leg highlights the punishment he endured.

The second round commences with Shara initiating another low kick, prompting Sergei to launch an offensive. However, his momentum is momentarily halted by a powerful defensive knee from Shara, who follows up with a missed spinning back fist attempt.

It’s remarkable to observe the frequency with which Shara lands low kicks, skilfully testing his angles.

At 3:40 on the clock, he secures a steady clinch, delivering several knees. The ensuing grappling against the cage results in Sergei executing a double-leg takedown, pinning Shara against the wall at the three-minute mark. Nevertheless, Shara swiftly escapes and the referee resets the fighters.

At 1:38, Shara expertly counters with a beautiful low kick, creating an opportunity for a clinch where he appears to knock out his opponent’s mouthguard with a knee strike.

The referee slowly intervenes, returning the mouthguard at the 45-second mark. Shara demonstrates his versatility by employing spinning strikes, knees, and mid kicks, relentlessly wearing down his opponent until the conclusion of the second round.

As the third round unfolds, Shara’s low kicks become increasingly unstoppable. A clinch initiated by Shara at 4:28 leads to a series of devastating knee strikes to Sergei’s head. Surprisingly, Sergei remains on his feet.

At the 4:00-minute mark, Shara impressively executes a Superman punch followed by a mid-kick. Seizing a clinch at 4:00 minutes, he delivers a few knees before Sergei attempts to grapple him against the cage to escape.

However, Shara responds with a downward elbow strike, almost rendering his opponent unconscious. Then, a sidekick forces Sergei to the ground.

The fight reaches its conclusion with a clinch against the cage, as Shara lands two incredibly powerful knees that stagger his opponent, leaving the referee with no choice but to intervene and halt the fight!

4. Vs. Yakub Kediev – AMC 103 (July 15, 2021)

To start here Sharabutdin unleashes thunderous low kicks that reverberate throughout the entire stadium, setting the stage for an electrifying fight.

Yakub, attempting to counter with rapid punch combinations, finds himself outmanoeuvred by Shara’s deft evasion tactics. Shara’s strategic use of kicks effectively creates a substantial distance between himself and his opponent.

Despite Yakub’s relentless pursuit, it becomes apparent within a mere minute that his left leg is already raw, displaying a fiery red hue which hinders his mobility.

Shara, maintaining his fluidity and agility, gracefully dances around, effortlessly evading his opponent’s strikes with finesse.

With 2:58 remaining on the clock, the ferocious clinch battle commences, and Shara successfully traps his adversary within his grip, refusing to let go. Employing a barrage of knee strikes, each blow lands with precision and intensity.

A devastating knee to the liver sends Yakub spiralling into the realm of excruciating pain, his attempts to escape the clinch prove futile as Shara relentlessly pursues him, delivering more punishing knee strikes.

The resounding impact of Shara’s left knee, finding its mark on Yakub’s already weakened liver, marks the decisive blow that concludes the fight with 2:35 left on the clock.

Yakub’s body contorts in agony, clutching his abdomen, as the referee steps in, signalling the end of the contest. The Shara Bullet delivered a merciless and emphatic finish, leaving the audience in awe of his prowess.

3. Vs. Pavel Burlutsky – Nashe Delo 54 (April 11, 2022)

In this electrifying showdown, the atmosphere crackles with intensity right from the opening bell. Shara, the embodiment of aggression and precision, wastes no time sizing up his opponent, and teases him with calculated gestures.

With each thunderous low kick, he shatters his opponent’s momentum, leaving him reeling.

Bouncing around the octagon with the agility of a panther, Shara unleashes a mesmerising combination, seamlessly flowing from a lightning-fast jab into two, bone-crushing mid-kicks. It’s a symphony of violence, executed with flawless technique.

His weary opponent, desperately searching for an opening, launches powerful punches, aiming to turn the tide. But Shara, the master of evasion, gracefully slips past every blow, showcasing his uncanny defensive skills. The crowd, captivated by the fluidity and grace of his movements, erupts in awe.

Then, in a split-second that feels like an eternity, Shara unleashes a devastating left jab. It lands with surgical precision, finding its mark with unstoppable force.

The impact reverberates throughout the arena, leaving no doubt about the outcome. The referee swiftly intervenes, signalling the end of the fight at an astounding 1:55 seconds into the very first round.

The crowd rises to its feet, applauding the brilliance and tenacity displayed by the victorious Shara Bullet. It was an awe-inspiring performance, worthy of a victory for the ages…

2. Vs. Mikhail Allakhverdyan – AMC FN 105 (Oct. 16, 2021)

The opening moments of this bout witness a thunderous low kick, but Shara’s dominance on his feet is abruptly interrupted when Mikhail executes a swift takedown, driving him against the cage wall.

Determined to neutralise Mikhail’s strength, Shara swiftly turns and deftly hooks his leg around his opponent’s lead leg, nullifying his lower body power.

An intricate battle ensues, and it becomes evident that Mikhail has meticulously studied Shara’s style, believing this to be the optimal approach for this encounter.

Persistently attempting to bring the fight to the ground, Mikhail’s efforts are met with resilience from Shara. After a prolonged struggle, Shara finds an opportunity to secure a firm clinch, swiftly intertwining his hands behind Mikhail’s head.

Unleashing a series of powerful knees, Shara leaves a lasting impact before skilfully disengaging from the cage wall. Seizing the moment, Shara initiates a low kick, artfully transitioning into a cleverly-executed side body kick, which visibly rattles Mikhail, causing him to momentarily reign his predatory instincts in.

Then, in an astonishing display of speed and precision, Shara delivers a devastating left elbow, connecting with brutal force, and sending Mikhail crashing to the canvas.

The fight reaches a sudden and shattering conclusion, at 4:30 seconds into the first round, leaving the spectators awestruck by Shara’s mastery and delivery of an abrupt and devastating conclusion to the bout.

1. Vs. Joel dos Santos – AMC FN 106 (Nov. 27, 2021)

To start, commanding the centre of the octagon, Shara displays lively and agile footwork, utilising feints to confuse Dos Santos, leaving him hesitant and uncertain.

However, at 44 seconds into the round, Shara launches a head kick, enticing Dos Santos to counter with a takedown attempt. Swiftly, Shara evades and transitions into a clinch, mercilessly delivering knees to his opponent’s head, compelling Dos Santos to disengage and reevaluate his approach.

Employing probing jabs and punishing low kicks, Shara systematically chips away at his adversary, simultaneously weakening him and creating opportunities to exploit new angles.

At the 3:18 mark, Shara exhibits his exceptional versatility with a spectacular hopping switch kick to the head, followed by an awe-inspiring sidekick reminiscent of a scene from a Bruce Lee movie.

His strategic setups manifest before our eyes, leaving Dos Santos with limited answers to counter Shara’s relentless onslaught.

With 2:40 on the clock, an audacious flying elbow narrowly misses its mark, deftly evaded by Dos Santos, who swiftly attempts a double-leg takedown.

However, Shara expertly seizes the moment, swiftly controlling Dos Santos by grabbing him, seamlessly converting the takedown into a clinch, and delivering a devastating knee.

Another missed flying elbow leads to a clinch against the cage, where Shara subjects Dos Santos to a barrage of knee strikes and a vicious elbow, instilling fear in his opponent. Dos Santos desperately seeks escape, but Shara tenaciously pursues him, continuing his assault with knees and low kicks.

Dos Santos attempts to grab hold of Shara once more, only to be forcefully swung to the floor. The situation looks dire for Dos Santos as Shara calmly approaches him, seizing his feet and inflicting punishing kicks to his thighs before stepping back to reset the fight.

Relentlessly, Shara methodically chops down his opponent’s legs with devastating leg kicks, rendering Dos Santos unable to walk properly and forcing him to resort to a takedown attempt.

Against the cage, Shara skilfully controls Dos Santos’ arm and head, while Santos struggles to lean his weight up against the cage for support.

As round two commences, a sense of mutual respect is evident as they touch gloves. However, in a breath-taking display of precision, a mere 13 seconds into the second round, Shara unleashes a stunning hook kick, finding its mark with absolute accuracy, resulting in Dos Santos being knocked out cold.

The execution of this technique was nothing short of sublime, leaving the audience stunned by Shara’s exceptional skills and mastery of the sport.

So there we have it folks, 5 of Sharabutdin Magomedov’s best MMA finishes!

Do you think Shara Bullet’s technical prowess will serve him well in the UFC? Does he have what it takes to get to the very top of Middleweight? I definitely think he is one to keep an eye on. What are your favourite of his fights from the list above? Let us know in the comments below; Like, share and join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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