Rising action star Tiger Shroff!

Son of the legendary Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff, Tiger Shroff really is proving that he’s no mere cub!  He’s causing a bit of a stir beyond Bollywood and not just for those amazing rock hard abs, but also as a potential rising star in international action film arena because behind his mesmerising eyes and good looks, he can fight too.

He’s an avid football player, proficient in martial arts, and is also a passionate dancer. He’s been training in martial arts since about the age of 14 and as he got older got his gymnastics training in too.

Back to the film, and despite the mixed film reviews it’s managed to remain strong at the box office, which let’s face it, is the whole point, right? The film also stars Kriti Sanon.

Here then is the trailer of Heropanti, a romantic action comedy (which only starts getting interesting after the 1-minute mark):

Okay, kind of interesting, but rather than subject you to 2.5 hours of singing, dancing and melodrama, we thought we’d show you some of the good bits behind the scenes:

Elliot Richards

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  1. Waiting for his next release……

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