Remembering Brandon Lee

On this day, 1st February 1965, Brandon Bruce Lee was born. The highlight of his short career include a bevy of action films including Showdown in Little Tokyo, Rapid Fire and of course the seminal classic The Crow. Sadly he was killed in a firearms accident on the set of his fifth movie, The Crow, on 31st March 1993.

Born to martial arts legend Bruce Lee and his wife and student Linda Lee; a year before the official founding of Bruce Lee’s own style of kung fu; Jeet Kune Do, which Brandon was unknowingly already a disciple of! Brandon recalls; “I got into martial arts from the time I could walk. There wasn’t a lot of escaping martial arts in my household.” Brandon’s first years were spent amongst people with profound interest in movies, martial arts and combat and subsequently became naturally attuned to training. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reminisces that “Brandon would try and emulate his father in being fit and being part of the martial arts tradition.”

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Rapid Fire


The Crow

Showdown in Little Tokyo




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