“One Shot” Sequel in Production with Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White!

James Nunn’s “One Shot” sold itself on the most simple, yet simultaneously complex of gimmicks possible – an entire 90-minute action movie shown in a single, unbroken shot. Add Scott Adkins into the mix as the movie’s Navy SEAL protagonist Jake Harris, and “One Shot” became one of 2021’s most memorable action movies.

However, James Nunn, Scott Adkins, and Michael Jai White all love a challenge, and ICYMI, they’re embarking on exactly that with the in-production sequel “One More Shot”. Check out Scott’s recent Instagram reveal of “One More Shot” below!

“One More Shot” is Scott Adkins & Michael Jai White’s Mystery Project

One most welcome bit of news on the announcement of “One More Shot” is that it is revealed as the mystery project teased by Scott and Mike on Twitter in early 2023.

Scott and Mike have previously worked together in “Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing”, “Metal Hurlant Chronicles”, “Accident Man”, and “Triple Threat”, and that quartet of martial arts movie gold is testimony to the movie magic featuring both of them inevitably brings.

Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White in a more military-centric action movie is surely a departure from their past collaborations, but that is also part of what made the original “One Shot” so compelling.

“One Shot” was a Very Different Scott Adkins Actioner

Set entirely on a military prison base under assault by terrorists, “One Shot” put Scott and his co-stars Ryan Phillipe, Ashley Greene-Khoury, and Amin Mansur into a literal war zone.

With near-constant explosions and bullets spraying in all directions, Scott’s fight scenes were also a whole new beast. With an emphasis on military-style combat, “One Shot” blended knife fights with grappling in its do-or-die, hand-to-hand showdowns.

With the added element of the single-take nature of the film, “One Shot” is among Scott’s most visceral action movies ever. Hopefully, “One More Shot” continues that with the Krav Maga-esque combat and hack-and-slash knife fights of its predecessor.

“One More Shot” Looks to be a Very Surprising Sequel

Arguably the biggest surprise of all in “One More Shot” is the news of the movie actually happening in the first place, and not for any failings on the part of “One Shot” itself. Quite the opposite – “One Shot” embodied its title by being not just a one-shot movie, but also a one-shot story.

In a brisk, tight 90 minutes, “One Shot” took the audience through a harrowing and suspense-laden battle under James Nunn’s taut direction.

In this day and age of Easter eggs, end-credit scenes, and teases of franchise plans being part and parcel of bigger-budgeted blockbusters, “One Shot” refreshingly put all its cards on the table in, well, one shot!

Whether the resolution of the terrorist plot against Washington D.C. is where “One More Shot” is meant to pick up from isn’t clear, but “One Shot” nonetheless did its job in telling its story in one shot, and on multiple levels.

“One More Shot” is just picking up the ball and running with it as a one shot story of its own, and naturally, done in one shot once again.

What Does “One More Shot” Have in Store?

Obviously, “One More Shot” bringing Michael Jai White into the story raises questions about his as yet unrevealed role, and whether he will be friend or foe to Scott’s returning protagonist Jake Harris.

Of course, like Scott, Mike has not done many military-oriented action movies before, so adding him into the mix of the kinds of tactically-designed fight scenes of “One Shot” could greatly up the ante from “One Shot”, especially with fight choreography extraordinaire Tim Man, also returning to bring the thunder.

One Shot

Beyond that, the military prison base setting of “One Shot” was the perfect foundation for the story, putting its heroes into situations of maneuvering attacks from every direction.

Hopefully, “One More Shot” raises the stakes on that as well with a new setting that requires the same kind of quick thinking and adaptation to the situation as the first “One Shot” did.

Whatever “One More Shot” has in store, packing it all into one shot (in multiple ways) was the recipe of success for “One Shot”, and that formula is sure to serve “One More Shot” just as well!

Stay tuned for more info on “One More Shot” as it shoots on through!

Excited to see Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, and James Nunn team up for “One More Shot”? What are some of your favorite single-shot action movies? Let us know in the comments below; Like, share and join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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