ONE Fight Night 10: Top 3 Finishes

Having finally made its Western debut in the Mile High City, of Denver, Colorado, One Championship pulled off another memorable card with another One Fight Night 10. This was a card that featured some of the promotion’s best talents and biggest names, from Stamp Fairtex and Rodtang Jitmuangnon, to Mikey Musumeci and Demetrious Johnson.

With such an impressive lineup of matches, this card delivered to the American audience as promised. With that being said, let’s count down the Top 3 Finishes from One Fight Night 10!

3. Sage Northcutt vs. Ahmed Mujtaba

Having suffered a brutal knockout in his One debut, UFC veteran Sage Northcutt bounced back big 4 years later with a quick submission win. Holding a record of 11-3, Northcutt took on the 10-2 Ahmed Mujtaba of Pakistan.

Northcutt started the fight with a few high kicks. At 0:09, Mujtaba knocks Northcutt down with a jab and immediately shoots for a double leg takedown with Northcutt on the bottom in half-guard.
At 0:33, Mujtaba gets back up, but gets caught in a leglock attempt by Northcutt, who secures the heel hook submission at 0:39. This quick performance netted Northcutt a cool $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus!

2. Stamp Fairtex vs. Alyse Anderson

Former Women’s Atomweight Muay Thai, kickboxing and MMA Grand Prix Champion Stamp Fairtex came into her American debut with an MMA record of 9-2 and Muay Thai/kickboxing record of 64-17-5.

Her opponent was the 6-2 Alyse Anderson. A lot was at stake with this fight, as the winner would be rewarded with a shot at the Women’s Interim Atomweight Title.
Round 1 started with Stamp taking and staying at the center and Anderson moving around and using a lot of footwork.

At 0:31, Stamp landed the first attack, which was a round kick to the body. With Stamp winning the striking exchanges, she immediately charged at Anderson for the finish, only to be clinched up at 1:12.

At 1:22, Anderson scored a hip throw, but at 1:27, Stamp successfully reversed her American opponent and ended up on top in side control at 1:30.

At 1:39, Anderson caught Stamp in an inverse triangle, but Stamp popped her head out at 1:13 and got back on her feet 3 seconds later.

At 2:27, the fight went back to standing. Despite Anderson landing a spinning back fist at 3:01, it was Stamp that continued winning the striking exchanges and avoiding Anderson’s clinch attempts.

In round 2, Stamp continued striking at a distance, and at 0:30, she threw a body kick caught by Anderson. Nonetheless, Stamp immediately transitioned to the human backpack position at 0:33.

At 1:36, Anderson broke free, and the two went back to standing. Stamp continued getting the better of Anderson with the striking.

At 2:11, Anderson caught another of Stamp’s kicks and clinched her up by the fence. By 2:25, Stamp broke free and, on the exit, landed a body kick that dropped Anderson.
Stamp landed two more punches on a downed Anderson, before referee Justin Brown stepped in to stop the fight at 2:27 of round 2, earning Stamp a $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus.

1. Rodtang Jitmuangnon vs. Edgar Tabares

For our number one spot, we have the legend and fan favorite, the 270-42-10 Rodtang Jitmuangnon defending his Muay Thai flyweight title against the 32-5-1 Edgar Tabares of Mexico.

Round 1 was mostly a feel-out round, with Rodtang landing more punches and Tabares landing more kicks. The most significant shots were the spinning elbows by Tabares at 0:19 and 0:44.

In round 2, Rodtang turned up the aggressive meter and dropped Tabares with an upward elbow at 0:18. Tabares kept throwing kicks to stop the advancing Rodtang, but like with most opponents, Rodtang ate the shots for breakfast and continued pressing forward with heavy punches.

At 1:25, Tabares attempted another spinning elbow, only for Rodtang to block it and counter with another elbow that knocked him down.

Tabares couldn’t make the 10-count, and the fight ended at 1:34 into round 2, netting Rodtang an uber cool $100,000 Performance of the Night bonus.

So there we have it folks, 3 of the best finishes from the ONE Fight Night 10 card!

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