Ninja Turtles fan film released on YouTube!

Can’t wait until August for the upcoming reboot of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, can you? That’s understandable. The titular amphibians will not be aliens as originally expected (much to the relief of the series’ massive fan base), and the new CGI look of the turtles seen in the recently released trailer isn’t too shabby. Not to mention the fact that the filmmakers are allegedly using “Fist of Legend” and “The Raid: Redemption” as templates for the film’s martial arts content (the latter might be a somewhat extreme choice for such a family friendly franchise, but then again, just who among us is gonna argue with THAT one?)

Nevertheless, some TMNT fans at Epic Rival, the production group formed out of team members of Thousand Pounds Action Company just couldn’t wait until August and crafted their own unique spin on the series in the fan film “”TMNT Style: Ninja Turtles Homage”!

The film features a set of very human protagonists assuming the roles of Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo, with the end result being one seriously entertaining sparring match between the four heroes. The cast of the film, like the turtles themselves, are composed entirely of martial arts wunderkinds. Brendon Huor of the group LBP Stunts Chicago assumes the role of Leo, while tricking master Micah Karns tackles Mikey, accomplished stuntman handles the character of Donny, and Xin Wuku of the EMC Monkeys rounds out the cast as Raph!

One certainly hopes that the action in the upcoming TMNT reboot is as good as what Epic Rival were able to pull off in fan film less than four minutes long (and considering that Huor served as the stunt double for Master Splinter in said reboot, that might very well be the case!) Fans of both TMNT and old school martial arts action should definitely give the fan film a look. And be sure to watch out for Master Splinter’s arrival at the end – especially if you’re a fan of the “Best of the Best” films 😉

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