Natan Levy Fight Preview

Professional MMA fighter, Natan Levy, is set to fight Daniel Hudson on Saturday, 3rd December in Illinois, USA. A 3rd Dan Uechi-ryu Karate expert from Israel, Natan has been training MMA for several years, since going to the world’s fight capital, Las Vegas to train at Syndicate MMA.

He’s had two professional fights so far, winning both by submission and is an exciting young fighter that goes above and beyond the norm to keep in shape and respect his nutrition -definitely one to watch. Find out more about Natan, stay tuned for our exclusive interview with him coming up soon!

Jake Bulger

Jake started martial arts training as a child with Ishin-Ryu Karate, he enjoyed martial arts movies and was particularly intrigued by Bruce Lee. As well as a keen interest in film, which he studied at university, Jake also has a true cultural interest in all things martial arts and particularly enjoys the history of original Okinawan Karate. His training has since involved boxing and several other styles, he currently practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a big fan of MMA.

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