Michael ‘Venom’ Page’s message to Gonzalez!

Alright, so Halloween has come and gone, but just in case you missed it, undefeated 11-0 MMA fighter Michael ‘Venom’ Page’s ghoulish message still applies to his next opponent ‘The Menifee Maniac’ Fernando Gonzalez.

Indeed, the video has a spooky edge to it and a reference to Page’s last opponent ‘Cyborg’ Santos reminds us what a dangerous set of skills the British MMA star possesses (trust us, we were there cage side when it happened!).

Recently, Page has been telling followers that this is a fight he is really looking forward to, he hadbeen scheduled to fight Gonzalez twice before but both times it fell through. His opponent has had some confrontational words to say about the former kickboxing world champion, leading to some verbal exchanges in the build up to the fight. This time, for MVP, it’s personal! When asked about the fight in a recent interview with Kung Fu Kingdom, Page told us: “He’s the kind of person who’s been a bit of a fly around my face for a bit too long so, I need to squash him. He’s been talking a little bit as well, so I genuinely want to punch him in the face”.

Will this foreboding message have Gonzalez quaking in his boots? We know we certainly wouldn’t like to be in his place right now! Meantime, stay tuned for our upcoming interview with MVP…

Jake started martial arts training as a child with Ishin-Ryu Karate, he enjoyed martial arts movies and was particularly intrigued by Bruce Lee. As well as a keen interest in film, which he studied at university, Jake also has a true cultural interest in all things martial arts and particularly enjoys the history of original Okinawan Karate. His training has since involved boxing and several other styles, he currently practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a big fan of MMA.

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