Martial Arts Show 2015

In case you missed it, the UK Martial Arts Show 2015 was recently held in Doncaster, on the 9th and 10th of May. This 2 day event bought numerous famous martial artists together with their fans for displays, training seminars and the opportunity to get an autograph or two.

Doors opened at 9.30am and the attendees were immediately met with a demonstration on the main stage by ‘The Edmunds Sistas’. (

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Following this demonstration, the main stage hosted many acts and displays throughout the day. There were seminars and training sessions held by many famous martial artists, including film star Scott Adkins, the Lady Dragon herself – Zara Phythian, Bill ’Super foot’ Wallace, Alfie Lewis and Master Sken. These were all well attended and many smiling faces were to be seen as the attendees worked hard during these sessions. A few days before the show began there was a late guest announcement – Michael Jai White was due to attend, and around lunchtime he arrived. Michael held an autograph signing session in the afternoon which was very busy.

The seminars and displays continued throughout the day and Saturday closed with an attempt at a tile smashing Guinness World Record. Chris Byrd had previously held the record for 1000 roof tiles being smashed in 54 seconds.   This record was set back in 2001 and this year he wanted to reset the record. He managed it, breaking all 1000 tiles in 47 seconds!

Sunday started and again the attendees had a fantastic choice of seminars and displays to attend and watch, including seminars in many styles such as Escrima, Aikido and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. Multiple World Champion Martial Artist and film Stuntman Luke Scott was in attendance today and the crowd cheered his demonstrations, showing why he has won so many competitions. Zara Pythian, Bill Wallace and Michael Jai White were all back in attendance, running seminars and signing autographs for their fans.

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The day progressed and just after lunch the Forms and Kata competition was held. This was organised by arguably the best musical forms Judge in the UK, Jeff Scott, working with the WTKA GB Director Terry Johnston. This competition brought out the best of the best of the Forms and Kata competitors in the UK and beyond. Team Elite from the Sheffield Dragons and Team Stagetrix are the two best martial arts competition/display squads in the UK and they both fielded strong teams throughout the divisions of the competition. Many other clubs competed too, all putting on great displays to wow the judges. The raised stage was a great opportunity for all the competitors to shine in a great atmosphere and all did well. WKA judges were bought in especially for the competition and both Michael and Sue Isaacs, along with Oliver Willison and Kady Robinson of the WTKA did a great job of making sure that it was a fair competition.

As the second day drew to a close, the crowds started to drift home, but not before Zara Phythian, Luke Scott and Trey Drysdale headed up the final seminar of the weekend – a Hyper Martial Arts camp held on the main stage. This was a sellout, with only 30 people being able to attend to due to the size of the stage. It was a high impact seminar with some mini competitions and prizes thrown in. Everyone enjoyed the training and many smiles were seen as they left the stage at the end.

There was so much choice on display to watch, and seminars to attend throughout the weekend; no one could have seen it all. During the weekend there were at least 3 seminars, a display on the main stage, as well as business related seminars in the adjoining rooms running at the same time, and I have not yet mentioned all the stalls selling everything from training weapons and magazines, to autographs! There was so much to see and do there, everyone had a great time.

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Following the success of this year’s show, the organisers of the show, Bob Sykes and Paul Barnett, have confirmed the dates for the 2016 Martial Arts Show as the 7th and 8th of May 2016 are booked to host next year’s show, Kung Fu Kingdom will be in attendance again, see you there!

Stuart Grimes

Stuart Grimes is a fan of all martial arts. He has studied Shotokan Karate for a few years as a teenager and also taken classes in Judo, boxing and Kickboxing. His children have inherited his love of martial arts and currently train over 12 hours a week, incorporating Chin Woo Kung Fu, Gymnastics and Sport Karate. His eldest two children compete regularly and either hold or have held English, British or European titles in the WTKA, WKU, ISKA, WKKC, WMO, WMKF and WKC, as well as a Unity International Games title.

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