Leon “Rocky” Edwards: Top 5 MMA Finishes

Prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring journey and spectacular performances of Leon Edwards, a true force in the realm of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Born on August 25th, 1991, in Kingston, Jamaica, Edwards overcame major personal tragedy and embraced MMA as a path out of hardship. Fuelled by natural talent and an unwavering work ethic, he honed his skills and found solace in the disciplined pursuit of his MMA career.

With the unwavering support of his amazing mother, who recognized the challenges he faced growing up, Leon Edwards embarked on a transformative journey.

Her encouragement led him to embrace MMA as a way to channel his energy and passion from crime and hardship.

But it wasn’t just Edwards’ individual brilliance and the support of his mother that catapulted him to success. His coaching team played a pivotal role in his rise to prominence, providing strategic guidance and unwavering support.

Their motivational prowess and meticulous game plans were crucial on Edwards’ journey to claim the championship belt.

The combination of Edwards’ exceptional skills, the support of his mother, and the motivational brilliance of his coaches created a perfect synergy.

It allowed him to overcome formidable challenges and ultimately claim the championship belt, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world.

In this article, we’ll delve into Edwards’ top 5 finishes, where his mesmerising skills and precision have left opponents bewildered and fans in awe.

Each victory showcases the culmination of Edwards’ talent, dedication, and the invaluable contributions of his exceptional coaching team. Get ready to witness the electrifying moments that solidify his status as an exceptional Welterweight Champion in Leon Edwards’ Top 5 MMA Finishes! (in descending order)

5. Vs. Shaun Taylor – BAMMA 16 (Sept. 13, 2014)

In an enthralling title defence at BAMMA 16, Leon Edwards went head-to-head with Shaun Taylor, delivering a masterclass in technical prowess and striking skills.

Right from the get go, Edwards took control of the fight, showcasing his precision and devastating power. With a lethal combination of precise strikes, he overwhelmed Taylor, ultimately securing a decisive victory with a sudden, and devastating one-two combination.

The first round witnessed a back-and-forth battle, with Taylor initially gaining an advantage as Edwards slipped backwards.

Taylor seized the opportunity, attempting to establish top mount and executing a Rampage Jackson-esque pickup and slam. However, Edwards displayed composure on the ground, comfortable in his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience.

Despite Taylor’s attempts to keep him grounded, Edwards skilfully controlled Taylor’s wrist, enabling him to eventually stand back up.

The fight resumed in a standing position, and in a bizarre turn of events, with just 1:30 remaining in the round, Edwards landed a powerful knee to Taylor’s head, mistakenly thinking it had ended the fight.

Walking off with his back turned, Edwards quickly realized Taylor was still conscious and returned to take the fight to the ground. The round concluded with Edwards in control.

The second round unfolded with both fighters displaying patience. Thirteen seconds in, Edwards connected with a head kick on Taylor, showcasing his striking accuracy.

Despite the blow, Taylor exhibited incredible resilience, continuing to fight. Edwards demonstrated calculated patience throughout the round, though some may argue he lacked the killer instinct in this particular fight.

With 2:30 remaining on the clock, Edwards landed a solid left hook, spinning Taylor around to create space. Just eight seconds later, an uppercut sent Taylor to the floor, but Edwards couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity to secure a finish.

As the final round commenced, both fighters showed respect, touching gloves in a display of sportsmanship.

Edwards displayed solid defence throughout the round until 3:07 when he landed a counter punch that staggered Taylor. Despite his success, Edwards chose to keep Taylor on his feet, demonstrating his desire to finish the fight impressively.

With only 1:34 left in the round, Edwards swiftly sealed his victory and successfully defended his BAMMA Lonsdale British Welterweight Title with a quick and precise one-two combination. The simplicity and style of the combination exemplified Edwards’ dominance in the contest.

4. Vs. Wayne Murrie – BAMMA 15 (May 5, 2014)

In his championship fight for the Lonsdale British Welterweight title, Leon Edwards showcased his exceptional skills and dominated Wayne Murrie at BAMMA 15.

Right from the start, Edwards unleashed a powerful left kick that Murrie caught, but he quickly retaliated with a vicious knee strike. Sensing desperation, Murrie took Edwards to the ground, displaying his grappling prowess.

As the fight progressed, Edwards relentlessly pursued his advantage. Despite Murrie’s efforts to defend, Edwards skilfully manoeuvred and secured a dominant position.

With hooks deeply sunk in from a rear mount, Murrie found himself struggling to escape, expending valuable energy in the process. Sensing the perfect opportunity, Edwards capitalised on his opponent’s vulnerable position.

Using his forearm, Edwards expertly applied pressure underneath Murrie’s chin, executing a beautiful rear naked choke. The submission hold was locked in tight, leaving Murrie with no choice but to tap out.

Edwards’ precision and technique in finishing the fight demonstrated his ability to capitalize on opportunities and secure victory in impressive fashion.

3. Vs. Albert Tumenov – UFC 204 (Oct. 8, 2016)

In a high-stakes showdown at UFC 204, Leon Edwards faced the formidable Albert Tumenov.

Edwards entered the fight with a champion’s mindset, defending his title with tenacity and precision.

Overwhelming Tumenov with a diverse range of strikes, Edwards secured a well-deserved victory and further solidified his position in the welterweight division.

So Leon started the round with a left head kick and tried his best in this round to stay patient and suss out his opponent.

At 3:59 on the clock, Leon manages to stumble Tumenov to the cage forcing his right glove to the mat as he tries to maintain control with his wrestling.

This led to a beautiful trip to the cage and some shots with the left hand to the face. Edwards displaying his jujitsu here transitioning from side mount to full and constantly getting onto the back of Tumenov, trying to tire his opponent out in the first round.

The second round was patient and methodical from Leon, displaying his defence here with some counter punches and attempts to find the right spaces with jabs and body kicks. Tumenov gets impatient towards the end and even gets a good combination in before the end of the round.

The final of the 3 rounds commences and it seems Leon is still trying to find a follow-up to his jab. Eventually testing a takedown and noticing this is where he could win the fight, Leon attempts a trip in the clinch and swings his opponent down getting a hold of his back.

Suddenly Leon manages to get the rear naked choke on, and with 2:00 minutes left of the round completes his submission. A smooth methodical submission from Leon here.

2. Vs. Seth Baczynski – UFC FN 64 (April 11, 2015)

In a breathtaking display of skill and focus, Leon Edwards showcased the full extent of his fighting prowess in a mere 8 seconds!

It took just three lightning-fast punches for Edwards to seize the opportunity and secure a stunning victory.

In round one, with uncanny speed and accuracy, he capitalized on Seth’s low kick, swiftly countering with a devastating blow that sent his opponent stumbling to the ground.

Seizing the moment, Edwards closed in, delivering a powerful left straight as Seth fell into his grasp, and swiftly followed up with another thunderous hook that brought the fight to an abrupt and emphatic end.

The was the most ferocious start in the Champion’s career as he ended the fight almost immediately!

1. Vs. Kamaru Usman – UFC 278 (Aug. 20, 2022)

Leon Edwards’ most iconic battle took place against the formidable Kamaru Usman, who was widely regarded as the reigning pound-for-pound champion in the UFC.

What unfolded in this encounter left everyone in awe, as Edwards not only emerged victorious but did so in a truly spectacular fashion. It was a breathtaking headshot—a perfectly executed roundhouse to the head—that rendered Kamaru Usman completely immobilized.

In the first round, at 3:23 seconds in we witness a captivating exchange between the two fighters.

Edwards attempted a sweep or trip of the foot, but Usman defended skilfully, causing Leon to stumble off balance, taking the fight to the ground.

Displaying his resilience, Edwards swiftly rose and utilized the cage to regain his footing. He attempted to hook underneath Usman’s arm, but Usman applied relentless pressure.

However, at the 2:05 mark, Edwards executed a masterful trip, bringing Usman back to the ground. This sequence showcased the versatility of both fighters and their complete fighting styles.

With Edwards gaining Usman’s back and seeking a rear naked choke, Usman’s swift manoeuvring and the dwindling seconds showing on the clock prevented a submission, concluding the first round.

Entering the second round, Usman was determined to make an impact, while Edwards showed no signs of fear.

At the 50-second mark, Usman landed a jab, but Leon capitalized by catching his feet in the space between the mat and the cage. With 2:08 remaining, Edwards landed a left hook as Usman attempted to step in.

Then, at 1:26 into the round, Edwards failed at a single-leg takedown but managed to find his way back up. Usman retaliated with body shots against the cage and scooped Edwards up with a double leg, aiming to secure a full mount. However, the round concluded without a definitive outcome.

As the third round unfolded, Usman sought to maintain control through his dominant wrestling skills and attempted to keep Edwards against the cage.

At 2:30, Usman unleashed combinations and successfully took Leon down, intending to deplete his energy and secure a rear naked choke.

In round 4, the fight appeared to be tilting in Usman’s favour as he executed a double-leg takedown at the 3-minute mark. Leon’s corner could be heard shouting words of encouragement from ringside. With only a few seconds left in the round, Usman launched a series of strikes, but nothing substantial enough to end the affair.

In the final round, Usman continued to dominate with his wrestling, keeping Leon under control in the cage.

However, at 2:28, the referee separated them, bringing them back to standing position. This moment marked the turning point for Usman’s downfall.

With the fight seemingly slipping away, Leon needed a knockout to secure victory, and he delivered it spectacularly. With only 58 seconds remaining, Edwards led with a jab and followed up with a thunderous left head kick, perfectly timed as Usman ducked right into it.

The sound of the impact reverberated throughout the stadium, and as Usman dropped to the canvas, the entire crowd fell into stunned silence. It was a beautiful and well-earned finish for Edwards, leaving no doubt about the outcome.

Leon Edwards’ top 5 finishes stand as a testament to his skill, determination, and unwavering spirit. Each victory showcases his ability to adapt to any challenge and emerge victorious with a combination of striking, grappling, and an abundance of patience.

As he continues his journey in the world of MMA, fans can expect nothing short of greatness from this welterweight phenom.

So there we have it folks, 5 of Leon Edwards’ best MMA finishes!

As the current Welterweight UFC champion, Leon has proven that he has what it takes to reach the top. His technical prowess and dominant performances have solidified his position but where would you rank him among the elite MMA fighters in the division? Let us know in the comments below; Like, share and join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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