Ip Man – 10 man fight scene

The Ip Man 10 man fight scene is a powerful and emotionally charged scene; we see ultra-talented martial-arts virtuoso Donnie Yen, playing Ip Man.

Here he takes on ten Japanese black-belts simultaneously. Some excellent wing-chun is on show. Varied manoeuvres combine into a quick, effective combat style, some culminating into direct centre-line attacks to the body. Some may find the last minute disturbing, but it all makes sense in the context of the storyline.

Raj, a wing chun student, enjoys spending time studying various aspects of the martial arts, from theory to practically applied skills. He enjoys interviewing prominent and dedicated martial artists from all over the world, who have something inspiring and stimulating to share. He also manages projects in terms of filming, reviews of movies/books and other quality features.

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    JOHNNIE GEORGE February 14, 2019 at 2:58 am

    I have not seen most of these videos, where’s the best place to watch this type of amazing action, please?

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