Ninja train fight with Scott Adkins

In this clip from Ninja, we see Scott Adkins (playing Casey Bowman along with Mika Hijii, playing Namiko Takeda) taking it to cult-gang members as he defends Namiko in a cafe and on a New York subway train!

Relentlessly, they are chased from street-level to subway -the bad guys, finding them on the train- begin firing their guns and all chaos breaks loose!

Shocked passengers clear the carriage in a panic leaving Scott free to tackle the villains! We see him deliver some effective moves including; a gymnastic-style kick manoeuvre between the carriage handrails, stiff, powerful strikes, chops, kicks and (chiropractic!)-twists, ending with a mighty neck-chop on the last gang member-victim!

Raj, a wing chun student, enjoys spending time studying various aspects of the martial arts, from theory to practically applied skills. He enjoys interviewing prominent and dedicated martial artists from all over the world, who have something inspiring and stimulating to share. He also manages projects in terms of filming, reviews of movies/books and other quality features.

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