Interview with Master Ken

Master Ken is the originator of Ameri-Do-Te, a very special martial art and combat system which we have had a few problems classifying. He currently holds an 11th Dan and is the only person on the planet to possess such a ranking.

In addition, he has a achieved cult status through his widely syndicated channel “Enter The Dojo” which can be found on YouTube and various other dedicated networks.

His teachings encompass an almost unlimited range of unique manoeuvres to deal with any attack known to man. They include the devastating “Hurticane”, the powerful “Thrust of Freedom”, and the intimidating “Kill Face” and are being disseminated literally all over the world.

We were honoured therefore when Master Ken kindly agreed to answer a few questions and explain how he has acquired his legendary status so far.


Hello Master Ken, let’s start off by asking, when were you born?

Greetings Raj and all fellow Ameri-Do-Te aspirants, I was born in July, 1969.

Master Ken demonstrates a right hand strike

What are you vital stats, height and weight?

I’m not sure. Because I am the most lethal martial artist in the world I only measure distance in “kill-o-meters”. And since I never learned the metric system that causes a lot of problems.

How did you first get into the martial arts? How old were you?

Though my formal training did not begin until later in life, legend has it that I delivered my first groin grab happened when I was fresh out of the womb. I seriously injured the doctor that delivered me to the point where he had to have his left testicle replaced with a titanium ball bearing. If you ask me he’s better off. No one walks away from kicking a man with a titanium testicle. However, they may limp away.

What was the first main style you trained in and how long have you been training?

My first style was Kung Fu. I’ve wasted my time training in various styles over the years. I have various belt certificates framed on my office wall that show the rank I achieved before I realized each style was bullshit. I have a blue belt certificate in Kenpo. An orange belt in Shotokan. A purple belt certificate in Jiu Jitsu. And I also have a photograph of the outside of a Capoeira school. I could tell that one was bullshit from the parking lot so I never bothered to go inside.

Who would you credit as having most influenced you in the martial arts? Who were and are your mentors and teachers?

Master Ken explaining the intricacies of Ameri-Do-Te

I would say that my biggest influence is myself. Every other martial artist I’ve put my faith in has disappointed me but when I trust my own instincts I always come out on top. I am the best instructor I’ve ever had. I would describe my teaching style as tough but fair. No one is harder on me than myself.

I once denied myself food and water for seven days after failing to complete my daily “Kill Face” exercises. I would have gone longer but unfortunately I became delirious from malnutrition and dehydration. I was found wandering naked through the frozen food section of a grocery store demanding to talk to the manager about what I described at the time as “a serious lack of frozen bananas'”.

How did you originally develop you own martial arts system Ameri-Do-Te? You also hold the distinction of being the world’s first and only 11th degree black belt. How did you achieve this rank?

After studying at three dozen martial arts facilities over the past 17-years I realized that every martial art is bullshit because every martial art has a strength but it also has a weakness. That’s when I decided to create a style that takes the best parts of every martial art in the world with none of the weaknesses. That’s why in Ameri-Do-Te we like to say “Best of All. Worst of None.” I promoted myself to 11th degree mainly because I created the art which means:

a) No one else is qualified to promote me and
b) It’s my style so I’ll do what I want.

How does Ameri-Do-Te training differ from training in other martial arts? What are some of the major problems or flaws you identify in fighting styles other than Ameri-Do-Te?

Ameri-Do-Te is different because it is made up almost completely of what most people refer to as “illegal techniques”. In fact, there are more sports regulation violations in one minute of Ameri-Do-Te training than there are in an entire pint of Lance Armstrong’s blood.

Some of the major flaws in other fighting styles? Let’s see.

In Kenpo they spend most of their time slapping themselves (supposedly to create power). Which is great because that means if you fight a Kenpo black belt long enough he’ll kick his own ass.

In Aikido they teach their students how to throw their opponents to the mat gracefully using something

called “ukemi”. That’s why in Ameri-Do-Te we don’t throw people onto things. We throw them off of things. Escalators. Cruise Ships. The Trampoline Store…mainly because of the irony.

ADT student observes carefully

In MMA all the fighters wear gloves. What does that have to do with realistic fighting? You know who else wears gloves? Lunch ladies. But I’ll bet they touch fewer wieners.

When did you first get the idea for your online series “Enter the Dojo”?

My student Billy became upset when his ex-wife had uploaded a video of him losing control of his bodily functions after he crashed his bicycle into a hot dog cart. That was when I became aware of YouTube. Soon after that I got the idea that if people liked watching others get hurt on the internet then maybe there was an audience for Ameri-Do-Te.

What are some of the most complex or difficult physical moves that you do in ADT?

The “Kill Face” places a lot of strain on the jaw, the eyelids, the tongue. It’s a good idea to try and stretch your facial muscles out by using a rolling pin.

The Hurticane is pretty difficult to do properly. I created that technique after I had my first seizure. Epileptics are great at that technique so if you can come into Ameri-Do-Te already having epilepsy you’ll have an advantage.

In one of your videos, you specifically ask that students not practice the Hurticane without your direct supervision. Have the ever been any major accidents involving the Hurticane that have caused you to adopt this stance?

You know how the power went out in the stadium during the Superbowl in 2013? I’m not saying a Hurticane caused that. But I’m not saying it didn’t.

If you could, which high profile martial artist would you most enjoy a sparring match with, how do you think the bout would turn out?

I’d enjoy sparring with Jean Claude Van Damme because he’s very flexible and there’s a move I created where I weave a man’s legs in a French braid behind his own back. JCVD might be the only fighter I can do that to without having to break any of his bones in the process.

Which martial artists/actors would you most like to work with?

Master Ken may randomly test his students’ reflexes by way of “spook-fu”

I think bringing Chuck Norris onto the show and having him surrender to the power of Ameri-Do-Te would be good for our brand. If you see Chuck tell him I’m ready for that to happen.

What is a typical workout for you? Is it mostly martial arts and flexibility training, do you combine weights and other cardiovascular training with that too?

My training regimen is extremely eclectic. Sometimes I strengthen my finger muscles by covering myself in honey and rolling around on ant hill. Then I see how quickly I can remove each ant as they begin to bite me. I used to do a similar routine that involved covering myself in vodka and going into homeless shelters but my lawyer advised me to stop doing that one.

What’s your favourite exercise and what specific or special training techniques do you like/really find work for you?

I work on the Thrust of Freedom daily. It keeps my core strong. It strengthens my back and thighs. And I’m constantly finding new angles to thrust as well as new surfaces to practice on. The other day I thrusted a vending machine until all the sodas inside exploded.

What’s the most daring stunt you’ve ever done?

I locked the doors to the dojo and engaged in hand-to-hand combat with myself. I lasted several hours before I’d lost too much blood and urine to continue, forcing me to declare the fight a draw.

What was your most serious injury, how did you work around it?

I once released a “Kill Face” so powerful that I turned my face inside out. It took my senior student Billy about two hours to correct it by using a plunger.

What do you like to do to recover from a particularly strenuous period of physical activity?

I count the bricks in my dojo.

What kind of diet do you follow?

I eat massive amounts of protein. I don’t believe in diluting protein powder so I eat it dry. The only noticeable side effect is that the flatulence now exits my body in the form of a dust cloud.

Do you take supplements, what do you recommend?

I recommend keeping your joints lubricated by ingesting WD40 regularly. My doctor warned me not to, saying that it was something called a “Carson-a-jen” but I was a fan of Johnny Carson’s talk show so that doesn’t bother me.

Whatever happens don’t ever show you’re crossed or red with revenge!

What would you consider a defining moment or aspect of your life in the martial arts? (What would you say is your proudest accomplishment so far?)

One of my proudest accomplishments so far has been promoting my senior student Billy to Brown Belt 1st degree. The moment I tied his belt, shook his hand and then put the mandatory sleeper hold on him choking him unconscious I felt I’d really accomplished something.

What are you really keen to accomplish moving forward, in the next 5 years or so?

Going international isn’t big enough for me. I want to bring Ameri-Do-Te to outer space. I also look forward to the first time I see a “Kill Face”, “Hurticane” or a “Thrust of Freedom” in the UFC.

What advice would you give to a beginner who is considering taking-up a martial art?

If it’s not Ameri-Do-Te you might as well take ballet classes.

What special message would you like to share with Kung-fu Kingdom readers and your fans around the world?

Subscribe to our YouTube channel, like, comment on and share our videos. The future of Ameri-Do-Te is in your hands.

Which warrior-wisdom quotes have shaped you up to this point; have moulded you into who you are today?

A wise man once told me “As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another.” I said “No, thanks. I prefer to sharpen myself.”

If people would like to find out more about you and Ameri-Do-Te, where’s the best place to go?

Watch our show at and follow Master Ken on Facebook and Twitter. And purchase products at to help spread the teachings.

Master Ken (expressly) covets a KFK-t shirt!

Master Ken, please kindly tell us what is your intelligently considered opinion of Kung-Fu

Well, it’s total bullshit.

Thank you Master Ken for your participation in this interview. We wish you all the very best with your growing Ameri-Do-Te movement and other important projects.



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Raj Khedun

Raj, a wing chun student, enjoys spending time studying various aspects of the martial arts, from theory to practically applied skills. He enjoys interviewing prominent and dedicated martial artists from all over the world, who have something inspiring and stimulating to share. He also manages projects in terms of filming, reviews of movies/books and other quality features.

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