Fun Friday – Neck breaking with Master Ken!

Whether we like it or not, one fact of combat that every martial artist must confront is the possibility that he or she may find themselves forced to take a life. It’s a hard truth to swallow, but the world is full of sick, monstrous predators who would not hesitate to slaughter their prey once they have them in their clutches. Real exponents of the virtues of martial arts want nothing more than to live at peace will all people, but if we are to look at the nature of combat pragmatically, if an opponent is out to end your life, you must be prepared to do the same to them. One of the most time-honored killing techniques the world has ever known is the neck break. It’s relatively easy to learn and execute, and even has the benefit of being one of the more humane methods of execution in how quickly and painlessly it ends a life. Like all killing techniques, it must only be passed on to those who can be trusted not to misuse it, and should only ever be put to use in situations with a clear and definite threat to one’s life.

Master Ken, the deadliest martial artist to ever walk the Earth and the world’s only 11th degree black belt, knows the effectiveness of neck breaks well. Mere moments after his birth, Master Ken began his quest to perfect every martial art in existence, but he followed this monumental accomplishment up with an even greater one – filtering the flaws out of every fighting method while absorbing their respective strengths in order to create the most powerful martial art in the history of the universe, Ameri-Do-Te. This mindset of combat is also the origin of the saying popular among Ameri-Do-Te students, “Best of All, Worst of None”. Neck breaks are an essential element of the Ameri-Do-Te arsenal, and like every technique found within the art, it’s the only method of combat where the technique is being taught correctly. Legend has it that Master Ken had worked as a fisherman during his martial arts ascension, and rather than relying on nets, fishing lines, and other such non-sense, would simply dive into the ocean to break the necks of Great White Sharks, and he currently teaches his students neck breaking with the exact same approach. Treat every person you encounter on the street the same way, and you’ll never fear for your life again!

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