Fun Friday – Master Ken’s fighting drills!

Traditional training in Chinese martial arts is frequently geared towards partner drills to internalize the art’s techniques within the practitioner. A particularly topical example of one of many such training drills is seen in Wing Chun with it’s “lap sao” drills. Unfortunately, the surge in popularity that Wing Chun has experienced in recent years, especially in the aftermath of Donnie Yen’s “Ip Man” films, is only instilling outdated, ridiculous, and totally useless techniques in a higher number of martial arts practitioners than usual. And the sad reality is that these poor, unfortunate souls will now have a set of fighting skills that consist nothing but total garbage to such a degree that virtually no amount of training will manage to undo the damage that these drills have done.

That is, unless they take a trip to the dojo of Master Ken – founder of history’s mightiest martial art, Ameri-Do-Te, the world’s only 11th degree black belt, and by far, the most formidable martial artist to ever walk the Earth! One of the innumerable advantages that Ameri-Do-Te holds over every other martial art ever created is the fact that Master Ken himself has personally studied and experimented with every martial art in existence to retain their strengths and filter out their weaknesses in his creation of Ameri-Do-Te, hence the catchphrase that all Ameri-Do-Te practitioners adhere to, “Best of all, Worst of none!” And Master Ken has developed the perfect method of undoing all of your useless Wing Chun and lap sao training! Enter the Dojo at once, Wing Chun students, and be reborn street lethal Ameri-Do-Te warriors!

Brad Curran

From the earliest days of childhood, Brad Curran was utterly fascinated by martial arts, his passion only growing stronger after spending time living in the melting pot of Asian cultures that is Hawaii. His early exposure developed into a lifelong passion and fascination with all forms of martial arts and tremendous passion for action and martial arts films. He would go on to take a number of different martial arts forms, including Shaolin Ch'uan fa, Taekwondo, Shotokan Karate and remains a devoted student, avid and eager to continue his martial arts studies. Brad is also an aspiring writer and deeply desires to share his love for martial arts and martial arts movies with the world!

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