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We’re just a week out from the release of EA Sports’ highly anticipated third instalment in their UFC gaming franchise, and gamers itching to step back into the Octagon can catch a glimpse at what the next entry in the series has in store for them in the game’s recently released trailer, which you can see below.

EA Sports first launched their UFC series in 2014, with dozens of current and former MMA fighters included as playable characters, along with none other than Bruce Lee, the man heralded as “the father of MMA”, included in its expansive roster. EA Sports followed up with UFC 2 in 2016, expanding the player roster and further refining the mechanics of the game’s fighting system.

At KFK, we’ve recently had the great privilege to preview the upcoming UFC 3, and we’re very pleased to say that gamers and MMA fans alike are going to want to check this title out as soon as it lands next month. It’s very clear that EA Sports has continued to refine the technical aspects of the preceding entries in franchise, and crafted UFC 3 into the most hard-hitting instalment of the UFC series yet – not to mention the most challenging for both experienced and novice gamers.

In our recent interview with EA Sports’ creative director Brian Hayes, he spoke of the company’s aim to make UFC 3 into the most finely-tuned MMA fighting game yet, and they’ve really done a stellar job here.

Snoop Dogg commentates in “Knock Out” mode!

The graphics of the game, in particular, are the first thing to jump out as having gotten a noticeable upgrade. EA Sports’ use of motion capture has really paid off, with the striking techniques available to players feeling exceedingly realistic and the arsenal of grappling being significantly more diverse. This makes UFC 3 very user-friendly for newcomers to the series.

EA Sports’ UFC 3 is playable on Xbox One and Playstation 4 gaming consoles, and is set to hit your shelves on February 2nd. Stay tuned for more info on this new K.O. title in EA Sports’ UFC series as it arrives!

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From the earliest days of childhood, Brad Curran was utterly fascinated by martial arts, his passion only growing stronger after spending time living in the melting pot of Asian cultures that is Hawaii. His early exposure developed into a lifelong passion and fascination with all forms of martial arts and tremendous passion for action and martial arts films. He would go on to take a number of different martial arts forms, including Shaolin Ch'uan fa, Taekwondo, Shotokan Karate and remains a devoted student, avid and eager to continue his martial arts studies. Brad is also an aspiring writer and deeply desires to share his love for martial arts and martial arts movies with the world!

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