Top 5 Vampire Movie Fight Scenes

Attention all vampire aficionados and action enthusiasts! Grab your popcorn and fasten your seatbelts because we’re about to sink our teeth into the heart-pounding, pulse-racing world of vampire movie fight scenes

Vampires: the immortal adversaries that never seem to take a break. But fear not, for in this adrenaline-fuelled roller coaster ride, we’re shining a spotlight on the most gruesome, and most epic showdowns against these bloodthirsty creatures of the night!

Today, we are beyond thrilled to throw open the velvet curtains and unveil a meticulously hand-picked array of our absolute favourite fight scenes from the realm of vampires! Buckle up and prepare to let loose roars of excitement as we charge head-first into these epic battles, each one a bonafide legend in the exhilarating tapestry of all things bloodsucking and fantastic!

These scenes are not for the faint-hearted but present a gut-churning celebration of humanity’s resilience in the face of immortal adversaries!

So without further ado, here are our Top 5 Vampire Movie Fight Scenes! (In descending order)

Honourable Mentions

First, here are two, which didn’t quite make the list…

Train Fight Scene – “Morbius” (2022)

This one’s for the enthusiasts of visual effects. Despite the film’s less-than-stellar reception, this particular fight scene stands out as a true gem.

Set in the gritty underground, it unfolds with exhilarating moments that leave a lasting impression.

Even the police were powerless in the face of these formidable vampires, or at least that’s what they thought.

This riveting battle scene was a shining highlight in a movie that, unfortunately, didn’t quite live up to its potential as a whole.

Old Vampire Lady – “Day Shift” (2022)

A hilarious fight scene where Jamie Fox fights an old woman who has unfortunately become a vampire.

The flickering lights set the scene as this powerful vampire in the shell of an old woman gives Jamie fox a fight to remember.

I love the visual effects here, showing the fight through the mirror where we could only see the vampire’s clothes, gave an amusing yet impressive touch to the fight. Now, on to THE 5!

5. Nightclub Bloodbath – “Blade” (1998)

Blade 1998 Vampire Club Bloodbath Scene 1

“Blade” features an unforgettable nightclub scene where the Daywalker himself, Blade, infiltrates a vampire nightclub to lay waste to the undead.

The strobe lights, thumping music, and frenetic action create a pulsating atmosphere as Blade showcases his martial arts prowess and silver-infused weapons to take down hordes of vampires in style.

One of, if not THE original marvel hero that started a string of amazing superhero movies. Wesley snipes really delivers in this iconic Blade fight scene.

4. Final Battle – “From Dusk Till Dawn” (1996)

Concluding battles in cinematic sequences consistently exude an aura of epic grandeur, and this particular showdown is no exception, taking the term “out there” to a whole new level.

Witness George Clooney wielding a colossal motorized stake, relentlessly dispatching vampires, while the remaining survivors clutch guns fashioned into crucifixes in a spine-tingling climax.

These elements contribute to the cinematic brilliance of this iconic vampire film, making it an absolute must-watch for aficionados of the genre.

3. Blade vs Nomak – “Blade 2” (2002)

In this intense scene from “Blade 2,” the half-vampire, half-human superhero, Blade faces off against a dangerous vampire in a deadly, conclusive, high-octane battle.

The choreography and action sequences in this scene are jaw-dropping, focusing on Blade’s unmatched skills and ferocity as he takes on the boss of the movie with finesse and brutal efficiency.

Another stunning end fight that is intense and brilliant in every way.

2. Mercenaries vs Vampires – “Day Shift” (2022)

A thrilling scene from start to finish showing the mercenaries stand off against a swarm of Vampires with katanas, spitting holy water, kitchen knives, throwing axes, guns and more.

A lot is going on in this scene and it all blends seamlessly, displaying fun and unique kills like zombies running into blades, and axes being kicked out of the heads of vampires. This is one scene you’ll not want to miss!

1. Blade vs Frost – “Blade” (1998)

In the final showdown of the 1998 film “Blade”, we see some amazing choreography with tons of sword fighting and limb-regenerating, martial arts action – along with an ending that really sees things off with a bang! This scene has everything an ending fight needs.

Blade, to this day, is still credited as having performed some of the best ever vampire fight scenes – a real testament to how much thought and effort was put in 25 years ago!

People sometimes forget how iconic this movie really is and how much it set the pace for the Marvel movie franchise. This is definitely a vampire movie that falls into the MUST SEE and MUST REVISIT category!

Morbius  From Dusk Till Dawn  Blade Trilogy

So, there you have it folks, 5 of the best Vampire Movie Fight Scenes!

Which scenes left you on the edge of your seat hollering for more vampire fight action? Which was your favourite video from the list above? Let us know in the comments below; Like, share and join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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